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Give beverages a refresh with bold flavours and unique, better-for-you taste. Our line of botanical
and fruit extracts and sweet taste products are right for the lunch hour, happy hour and any hour.

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Leading to Better in Taste and Nutrition

Let us help solve your challenges, from reducing sugar to predicting the next trend in taste.

Predictive Insights

From opinion polling to sensory tests, we can help you find market gaps for new products and prioritise reformulation goals for existing ones.

Strategic Innovation

Our chefs, baristas and mixologists will bring your great ideas to life. Our technical team will use science to create scalable recipes and formulations.

Manufacturing Excellence

Ease the transfer of knowledge between research and development and manufacturing by producing your products at one of our many global plants.

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Meat Preparation Methods Replacing Flavor Trends

Clean Label

A cross-functional team of Kerry experts will help you clean up your ingredient lists while retaining flavour and shelf life. Our knowledge of no-no ingredients and demographic preferences will help you prioritise changes and select appropriate solutions.

Sugar Reduction

Our food and sensory scientists will reduce sugar in your best-loved products while maintaining sweetness, mouthfeel and good taste. Our regulatory team will ensure that label claims meet local guidelines, whether point of sale is Singapore or South Africa.

Plant Proteins

We’re closely tracking the growth of plant-based protein in fortified beverages and bars, stand-alone meat alternatives and beyond. Our plant proteins range from high protein chicken-like shreds to smooth, non-bitter powders for foods and beverages. 

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