We are actively committed to bettering the planet and its people. Our business practices align with our
sustainability goals and initiatives.

Our aspirations, our goals, our contributions

As environmental indicators continue to show signs of a world under increasing pressure, the urgent need for action to decouple growth from environmental impacts becomes ever clearer. As we continue to lead the industry in the delivery of taste and nutrition solutions, we are committed to ensuring that our success does not come at the expense of the Earth and its inhabitants. We care about our communities and the environment. Our objective is to ensure we do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We are a company committed to responsible sustainable development. We put this into practice through our comprehensive sustainability program, Towards 2020. This includes initiatives such as working with our vanilla bean supply partners in Madagascar to improve conditions for farmers and their families; partnering with Concern Worldwide in working with those facing hunger and malnutrition within the world’s poorest communities; and committing to fair labour standards and sustainable raw material sourcing targets across our raw material categories. We also continue to ensure that we meet the highest possible environmental standards throughout our manufacturing operations.

Towards 2020

At Kerry, sustainability is at the heart of our business. The continued implementation of our Towards 2020 strategy, which defines our sustainability aspirations, plans and goals, is fundamental to our growth and success. Our approach to sustainable development is based around four key pillars.

Moving forward with care

We acknowledge the universal impact of climate change and the need to stimulate economic and business development in a sustainable manner. We have programmes in place to measure, manage and reduce climate change impact.

Our environmental aspirations are to:

  • continue to improve our environmental stewardship
  • drive efficiency in resource use (energy and water)
  • exceed efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling

Our five-year strategic plan is aimed at:

  • managing climate change, driving efficiency in resource use and reducing waste
  • developing long- and short-term sustainability gains in operations
  • delivering on our brand sustainability strategy plan

Environment achievements we’re proud of:

  • Delivery of our 2020 waste target two years ahead of schedule
  • Surpassing our 2017 target on carbon reduction
  • 93% of all waste diverted from landfill

Creating sustainable working environments 

Read about our Global Technology & Innovation Centre (GTIC) in Naas, a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building that opened in 2015.

Putting well-balanced nutrition first

Kerry is the world’s leading supplier of taste and nutrition and functional ingredients and actives to the food, beverage and pharma markets. We embrace our responsibility to our customers and to the broader community to provide products that can be consumed with confidence as part of a well-balanced diet.

Our marketplace aspirations are to:

  • continue to enhance the nutritional value of our products and assist our customers through our leading innovation and product expertise
  • make quality a distinguishing capability
  • ensure responsible sourcing practices
  • ensure our high risk suppliers are formalised as members of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX)

Our five-year strategic plan is aimed at:

  • leveraging Kerry’s taste and nutrition technology platforms and applications expertise to improve nutritional values of products in partnership with our customers
  • embedding positive nutritional values in product development and innovation programmes aligned to customer requirements
  • achieving Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification of all Kerry manufacturing sites
  • partnering with our customers in sustainable sourcing of strategic ingredients

Marketplace achievements we’re proud of:

  • invested €269 million in research, development and application in 2017
  • 99% of Kerry manufacturing sites had an accredited GFSI certification in 2017
  • continued development of our responsible sourcing programme
  • 100% of Kerry manufacturing sites are members of SEDEX
  • 100% of Kerry milk suppliers certified under an accredited farm level sustainability programme

Read about our commitment to sustainable vanilla sourcing methods.

Learn about Kerry’s membership of Origin Green, the nationally accredited sustainability programme of An Bord Bia (the Irish Food Board).

Sharing our values with our global team

With some 24,000 employees across the globe, our diverse, high-performance teams are key to our innovative culture and ongoing success. Retaining and developing their enthusiasm and determination is central to Kerry’s strategy for growth.

Our workplace aspirations are to:

  • continue to conduct our business in a responsible and ethical manner and be an employer of choice
  • continue to provide a safe and healthy environment in which to work
  • continue to embrace diversity and promote inclusion

Our five-year strategic plan is aimed at:

  • driving ethical business practices and compliance to our Code of Conduct
  • ensuring wages are competitive and all labour standards are fair, equitable and meet or exceed local guidelines
  • embracing diversity across our workforce, our customer base and the communities we serve

Workplace achievements we’re proud of:

  • the alignment of our policies with internationally recognised Human Rights Conventions
  • a zero-tolerance approach toward labour abuses and the use of child or forced labour
  • 118,000 courses taken to support employee learning and development
  • a 14% improvement in health and safety metrics in 2017

Learn more about how we develop talent at Kerry.


Supporting communities around the world

Kerry has a proud record of supporting community initiatives and charitable causes. We continue to play a vital role in supporting local communities across the world. Every year, Kerry contributes to a wide range of organisations, events and more that promote education, healthcare, sporting, leisure, the arts and community development.

Our community aspirations are to:

  • be a responsible neighbour by driving and supporting outreach activities in our local communities
  • continue to partner with international programmes to alleviate world hunger in developing regions
  • promote Kerry community projects in each region

Our five-year strategic plan is aimed at:

  • assisting and actively engaging in development programmes in our communities to improve health and nutrition, entrepreneurship, education, sports and the arts and to promote community development and sustainable agriculture
  • assisting Concern Worldwide in implementing the RAIN (Realigning Agriculture to Improve Nutrition) project in the developing world


Community achievements we're proud of:

  • partnering with the UN World Food Programme in Honduras
  • continuing to support the work of Concern Worldwide through a new RAIN project in West Africa
  • increasing local level engagement with regional community initiatives

Read about our work with the UN World Food Programme and Concern Worldwide, aimed at improving nutrition among children in the developing world.

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