Taste Proposition

Kerry’s complete taste proposition

One of the things which sets Kerry apart from traditional flavour companies is that we evolved from being a food ingredients company into a fully integrated taste and nutrition focused flavour and ingredient leader.

As a result, we have a breadth of technologies under one umbrella. Not only do we know how to make a great chicken flavour, we also know how to make the breading, breading adhesion system and breading application system to make a ready-to-cook poultry product consumers love.

In addition to just being able to make and apply the ingredients, we assemble and test (and in some cases production scale) our taste systems to simulate actually cooking, then quick freezing and packing the chicken.

It is this fully-integrated approach to food development and production enables us to better serve customers. We see taste not as a flavour to be applied, but rather a series of vital components coming together in a food or beverage to deliver ideal taste, texture, aroma, appearance and overall eating experience.

We engage with a multitude of Universities and research organisations in order to stay up to date with the latest and greatest science related to better taste, health and nutrition.

Two examples are:

Monell Center (Advancing Discovery in Taste and Smell): Kerry is a sponsor level supporter of this organisation which is one of the world leaders when it comes to research involving the perception of taste and smell. They investigate the fundamental processes which are involved in smell, taste, and the perception of flavour.

AChemS (Association for Chemoreceptive Sciences): This is an organisation which puts on an annual conference where leading scientists studying taste and olfaction come together to present, critique and challenge each other’s research.

Participation in these types of events allows Kerry to stay abreast with emerging science related to taste and olfaction.