Animal Nutrition

Leverage our technology and talent to produce better products, from processing feed to introducing health-promoting nutraceuticals and enzymes.

We’re passionate about using our expertise in technological solutions to make animal nutrition better.

Our wealth of technologies, teams of experts and culture of innovation can help you achieve success in your production and nutritional strategies.

As the global demand for natural, high quality and ethically reared meat & poultry, in particular increases, we can help you develop solutions for nutrient-rich, efficiently manufactured feeds.

Our main focus is on four key elements in animal nutrition:

  • profit
  • animal welfare
  • social responsibility
  • sustainability

Unique enzyme solutions for animal nutrition

Kerry can help you get the most from your feed ingredients so you can save on costs, promote animal welfare, reduce environmental impact and get the most productive yield.

Work with us to increase the value of animal feed, boost feed efficiency and address your challenges in poultry, pig and aquaculture production.

Our range of enzymes has been carefully developed to deliver unbeatable results in poultry and pig feeds.

AlphaGalTM / AGal-ProTM is a unique enzyme system that has been designed specifically to counteract the limitations of using soybean meal and other oilseed based proteins in feed formulations.
AlphaGal / AGal-Pro has been scientifically proven to optimise the nutritional value of these feed ingredients and maximise the energy density of feed rations.

Our enzyme range:
  • improves poultry and swine feed digestibility
  • works well with less expensive raw materials
  • reduces feed costs
  • reduces the incidence of wet litter and associated negative impact on carcass quality
  • is easy-to-use – can be included in premixes, mixed into feed before pelleting or sprayed on after pelleting

Getting the most from animal feeds

With our premium technological solutions for animal feed pelleting, we provide solutions to help you achieve maximum output while keeping costs low. 

We have a track record in using our technology to improve pelleting and extrusion and we can apply this to a range of animal feeds, for pigs, poultry and aqua species.

Kerry understands the challenges of feed processing, such as minimising fines during pelleting and improving pellet durability.

Kerry’s emulsifier-based processing solutions – MyvatexTM and MyverolTM – have been developed to improve the gelatinisation of starch during feed manufacture and increase binding in pellets, which reduces the amount of fine powder in the finished feed.

Key features:
  •  increases pelleting throughout
  •  reduces energy use
  •  improves product quality (e.g. PDI) 

Improving animals' digestive health

One of the main challenges faced by poultry farmers is controlling wet litter. 

It’s damaging to the birds’ health and wellbeing – ultimately affecting performance and carcass quality in intensively reared broilers and turkeys. This can be solved by enhancing feed with the right nutrients to protect digestive health.

Upgrade© is a unique fermentation-based ingredient developed by Kerry to help address the challenges of digestive health. It also appeals to the consumer demand of antibiotic-free products, and it can be beneficial in poultry and pig feed applications.

Our MicroPro 100© is a blend of carefully selected strains of probiotics for pigs and poultry that can have a positive impact on animals’ health by suppressing pathogenic bacteria, improving gut morphology and facilitating the growth of beneficial microflora.