Pet Nutrition

Leading to better pet nutrition

Our taste and nutrition expertise helps create pet food that looks good and tastes great, with appealing texture and excellent nutritional content. We help create pet food that's tailor-made according to age, weight or health concern.
Our technologies can help pet food manufacturers meet challenges like clean labelling, processing and palatability. 
As a global brand with key regional locations, Kerry can deliver innovative pet food solutions at a time and place that suits you.


Keeping pet food real, naturally

Creating pet food is becoming more of a challenge as pet owners humanise their pets and ramp up demands. 

Pet food has to look and taste good, be naturally labelled, properly packaged and have a long shelf life.

Traditional pet food manufacturing evolved through sterilisation and the use of preservatives. But natural alternatives are in demand, coupled with a desire for pet food that’s authentically prepared with good quality ingredients. 

Kerry has a global reputation for helping pet food manufacturers meet consumer demands while maximising profitability. 

To achieve optimum quality in an efficient, cost-effective way, Kerry can work with you to use ingredients with natural flavour solutions. 

Natural dairy flavours, such as cheese and yogurt powders, can improve pet food taste and texture and convey a natural message.

Unique yeast extracts can complete the flavour profile of dry and wet food products with a tasty savoury note. 

When pet owners check the labels on their pet food, they’ll recognise the kinds of natural flavours and ingredients they find in their own food.




Pet food that performs

Pets can have varying nutritional needs at different stages of their life. It is important to produce balanced, healthy food for pets that’s tailored to their age and individual requirements, and that help address emerging health issues.

Kerry can provide pet food solutions to help overweight pets and minimise allergens.

Our unique range of functional fats for pet food is designed to promote nutritional balance and maintain good health as these are known to play a vital role in fat metabolism.

High fibre pet food formulations have been designed to promote satiety, and may control the intake of calories in overweight pets. The soluble fibres in Kerry’s acacia gum-based product, Emulgold©, can be used to increase the sensation of fullness, without negatively influencing palatability, as well as faecal output and consistency.

Protastar© has significant levels of protein, a complementary amino acid profile and low levels of ash, starch and glycol-alkaloids – to minimise allergens. The use of hypoallergenic specialty proteins from vegetable sources is less environmentally damaging and appeals to pet owners who seek natural, responsibly-produced pet food. With its excellent biological value, digestibility and palatability, Protastar is the ideal vegetable protein addition for pet food.

Improving pet food taste and texture

Pets are more sensitive to the taste, smell and texture of their food than humans are.

So called 'pet parents' want their much-loved animal companions to fully enjoy their pet food.

We make it possible for manufacturers to deliver on flavour, texture and sensorial experience in a wide range of pet foods with clean label descriptors. Our technology and expertise in the global food market means that we can offer a full range of dairy, smoked and meat flavours which increase the palatability of pet foods. We also provide vegetable and fruit flavours to meet the demand for more humanised foods.

Our range of emulsifier-based processing technologies, under the Myvatex© and Myverol© ranges, can help you create palatable dry kibble products with increased hardness and crispiness. Firmness and emulsification in pate or mousse can be delivered by custom-made meat functional systems.

Getting the balance right

Pet food processing can be harsh using high temperatures, sheer and moisture to render, blend and stabilise the ingredients.

Stripping the food of nutrients is a real risk. Gentler processing methods may preserve the nutritional value of the food, but incur inefficiencies and raise costs.

Kerry has developed a suite of processing methods that strikes the right balance between the quality of the product and the efficiency at which it is made. Extrusion processes can be customised to ensure good quality kibbles, even with raw materials of varying components.