Our bakers, food scientists and technologists share an in-depth knowledge of delivering taste and nutrition into each and every baked good.

Work with Kerry to:

  • co-develop application solutions exceeding your consumers’ expectations of taste and nutrition
  • gain access to the largest suite of functional ingredients designed specifically for the baking industry
  • gain access to world-leading regional and global bakery insights

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How we’re cleaning up bakery labels

What our customers say

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"We reached out to Kerry because we needed to develop an extended shelf life solution for our breads. Kerry worked with us in a spirit of transparency, on the bench, focusing on our unique business needs. 

Working with Kerry, we learned how the enzymes worked with the emulsifiers and felt as if we were co-designing our own solution. We are pleased with the results and are currently working on a natural shelf life preservation system for our new line of natural breads."

- Global Bread Manufacturer


Responding to consumer demand for clean label

The demand for clean labels, transparency and traceability is greater than ever. What does this mean for bakery? It means a need for shorter and friendlier labels including ingredients which resonate with consumers.

We can help you simplify your bakery formulas and cut out artificial ingredients – while maintaining taste, texture and authenticity – with the support of our leading product portfolio, tools and product-development experts.

Work with us to create products meeting the demands of today’s consumers:
  • low allergen
  • no additives / preservatives
  • GMO-free
  • all natural

Our bakers will work together with your team to explore your unique clean labelling problem. We can even tailor a solution that is unique to your brand, business strategy and manufacturing footprint.

Explore our leading portfolio of:

  • naturally derived extended shelf life solutions
  • non-GMO (and GMO) enzyme portfolio
  • authentic taste solutions
  • free-from label emulsifiers
Sales of organic bread increased by 16% in 2015.

Delivering great-tasting baked goods

At Kerry, our focus is on delivering great-tasting baked goods – whether that’s for everyday breads or fine patisserie treats.

We have dozens of in-house bakery experts who have at their disposal a market-leading taste portfolio, enabling them to create memorable and authentic bakery taste experiences.

Our taste portfolio includes:

Download our white paper at the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute: The changing face of global eating patterns

Delivering nutrition in bakery

We work with bakery customers all over the world to help them enhance the nutritional value of their products – whether that’s offering gluten-free options or creating high-fibre and high-protein solutions for baked goods.

Our market-leading technical expertise and customer insights help our customers find the best way to deliver against consumers' desires for transparency and familiarity. 

We can work with you to create baked goods addressing your specific need to formulate allergen free baked goods:

  • gluten
  • soy
  • phosphates
  • egg
  • dairy
  • artificial colours 
  • artificial flavours 

To meet consumer demand for free-from products, we draw on our market-leading portfolio of bakery products, including:

  • proteins
  • fibres
  • fillings
  • emulsifiers
  • texturants

Download our white paper at the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute: Delivering nutrition as nature intended

Creating indulgent and premium options

When creating a premium product, taste and texture are the most important considerations.

Kerry’s technical expertise and deep knowledge of baking processes gives us the edge when making premium goods that deliver on indulgence. Many mainstream manufacturers are expanding their capability to serve this market, and they’re coming to us for solutions. 

We can position you to take advantage of the fast-growing consumer trend for superior ingredients and baker-inspired craftsmanship.

We’re experts in both areas:

  • the biggest taste portfolio in the market
  • experts in retaining taste and flavour while reducing or removing sugar, salt and fat
  • an extensive suite of coatings, inclusions, compounds and fillings
  • emulsification systems to deliver proper aeration and excellent texture

Ideating together and discovery process improvements

Our bakers, food scientists and technicians are critical resources in your quest to ideate, formulate and manufacture industry-leading baked goods.

No matter what the application issue, we can put together a team to help you solve your problem – whether it’s related to processing, analytics or sensory performance. We will select the most relevant experts for your project. Each of them has extensive plant bakery expertise and insight, and their understanding of baked goods manufacturing is unparalleled in the sector.

Our cutting-edge processing capabilities in our bakery centres of excellence can replicate any bread, biscuit or fine bakery process. We can help you with everything from pilot scale-up to limited time offers.

Here are some examples of the equipment we can use to work with you on new product formats: 

  • static ovens
  • quick-freezing chambers
  • mixer flat beaters
  • cream fillings / ice cream makers
  • convection ovens
  • electric and gas fired fryers
  • horizontal dough mixers
  • texture analysers
  • leavening chambers
  • reversible sheeters
  • laminating / sheeting systems
  • C-Cell imaging

Our process platforms include:

  • extraction and concentration
  • distillation and fractionation
  • liquid blending
  • spray drying and dry blending
  • emulsification and compounding

Providing functional ingredients for enhanced shelf life

Enhancing the shelf life of products is one of the biggest challenges the bakery industry faces. We have developed our expertise and technology to meet this challenge.

We have a market-leading suite of enzymes, emulsifiers and fermented ingredients that deliver your specific shelf life targets without compromising taste, texture or appearance. Our products and ingredients enable superior dough handling, shape and volume, and help your products retain softness and a stable crumb throughout their shelf life. 

Examples include:


  • naturally derived
  • inhibits mould growth
  • eliminates the need for chemical preservatives


  • maintains a soft crumb
  • improves resilience and volume
  • improves crumb uniformity

MyvatexTM, AdmulTM and MyverolTM

  • improve aeration, volume and texture
  • provide emulsion stability
  • available in PHO free 
  • sunflower lecithin
  • improves dough tolerance
  • non soy allergen
  • improved processing
  • liquid and powder forms

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