Alternative Dairy Beverages

A growing number of consumers prefer free from dairy products. Expand your appeal by
tapping our innovative approaches and replacements.

Tapping into a growing market

As an alternative to dairy, more and more consumers are seeking plant-based beverages that are high in protein, minimally processed, pure and natural, and also taste great. Kerry’s taste expertise and exceptional capabilities in beverage can give your brand the edge in meeting consumer taste and nutrition needs.

We operate three Global Technology and Innovation Centres on three continents, and we have hundreds of manufacturing facilities and development centres across the globe – allowing us to monitor consumer trends across products, cultures and nations.

Together with our market leading products and experts, our facilities enable us to develop new and unique alternative dairy beverages that have the taste profile consumers demand.

Why Alternative Dairy Beverages?

A world of opportunity

The growing alternative dairy beverage segment is a world full of opportunity for manufacturers. We can help you develop and deliver best-selling alternative dairy beverages to the right markets all over the world.

Alternative dairy milks made from cashews, soy, coconut and almond are selling twice as fast as the market average. 

In fact, in Asia, where 90% of people are lactose intolerant, the growing lactose free food market is already worth over $900m.

Kerry’s discovery tools enable us to find out what consumers really want to buy and why. They give us an ability to span industries, cultures and continents analysing consumer attitudes and behaviours at a granular level, understanding your consumer’s unmet needs and wants. We work alongside you at every level to develop consumer relevant products that will succeed in the marketplace.

Up to 90% of people from eastern Asia are lactose intolerant.

Authentic taste

When you develop any beverage, taste needs to be your top priority. 

This is particularly true for alternative dairy beverages where consumers new to the sector may be experiencing these types of drinks for the first time and flavours need to be familiar and satisfying with no off notes.

Many companies struggle in perfecting the flavour and nutrition balance. It’s notoriously difficult. The natural flavours of alternative dairy products are inconsistent and variable by their nature. Kerry can deliver consistently exceptional taste and mouthfeel. 

Today, we have the biggest portfolio of dairy flavours and functional ingredients in the industry. 

We have an unrivalled selection of:

  • flavour enhancers
  • concentrated, cost effective flavours
  • flavour modulation technology to boost sweetness
  • natural flavours and extracts
  • flavour delivery systems

Whatever your challenge or idea, we can get you to the finish line quickly and cost effectively. Our technical experts and food scientists will collaborate with your team to understand your needs, your consumers and your manufacturing capabilities, identifying the best method to meet every challenge.

A natural approach

A growing number of consumers are looking to adopt a certain diet as part of a lifestyle choice. 

Although similar lifestyle choices have been around for some time, what may have started out as a fad for some has now become a core aspect of their lives. 

They may adopt a certain diet through personal choice rather than out of necessity, such as choosing to live a dairy-free lifestyle.

Consumer demands for natural and less processed food and drink are forcing companies to reformulate to remove artificial ingredients. 

Products that have yet to remove artificial ingredients will face scrutiny from consumers who are looking for natural formulations with recognisable ingredients.

Consumers want nutrition delivered naturally. We work with you to formulate non-dairy beverages with nutritionally functional benefits that consumers want.

Our food scientists and technical experts help you to:

  • Suppress or reduce artificial ingredients
  • Apply natural ingredients with functional benefits
  • Identify effective origins & labeling for our natural ingredients
  • Map the best ingredient combinations, flavours, textures and functional systems.

The result is a natural product that doesn't compromise on taste.

Infographic: Top non-dairy alternatives

We look at the most popular alternatives to dairy
– from soy to sesame, coconut to corn,
and everything in between.