A taste of things to come

At Kerry, we understand the changing expectations of the tea and coffee consumer. Kerry is constantly innovating in response to market trends, providing inspiring coffee and tea solutions.

  • In coffee, we deliver authentic, indulgent coffee house experiences filled with variety and flavour innovations
  • Within coffee, we also bring solutions to foodservice customers through syrups, sauces and innovative platforms to expand menu offerings
  • In tea, we facilitate the creation of RTD beverage concepts and customised solutions for foodservice that feature tea as a healthy option for consumers


Our baristas, mixologists, technicians and food scientists are working on new ways to deliver the next wave of coffee and tea innovations.

We can support you as you develop customised coffee pods, ready-to-drink formats, or innovative packaging as well as build customised solutions for foodservice outlets.

There are many outstanding opportunities for manufacturers and foodservice operators to capitalise on the desire for convenience in the coffee and tea markets. Kerry has the expertise and technology to help you do it.

Driving growth

Single serve SKUs are currently driving growth in the coffee and traditional tea/bagged tea market. While single-cup packaging waste and low usage occasions for ready-to-drink coffee pose challenges for manufacturers, there are many opportunities for improvement and innovation.

More than 20% of households in the US own a pod machine
  • Everyday luxury: Single pod machines can meet the taste of each person in the family
  • Convenience: A continuing demand for ‘on the go’ products is driving the market for RTD coffee and tea
  • Premium and craft brews: A demand for better quality in single-cup form

Health and wellness

It is important for coffee and tea manufacturers to stay relevant to customers as ‘less is more’ – moving toward ‘free-from’ and ‘better-for-you’ products and simple ingredient declarations. And, as consumers seek healthier options, we can help you reduce added sugar, while maintaining exceptional mouthfeel and flavour in the coffee and tea space. 

We offer a variety of functional ingredients such as Wellmune, that can help you capitalise on consumer interest in getting more from their coffee and tea experience.

We can help you replace artificial flavours with more natural substitutes.


Our nutritional solutions for coffee include:

  • PHO free creamers
  • low fat creamers
  • sugar free syrups / sauces
  • protein
  • fibre / gums
  • functional ingredients
  • fruit / vegetable crystals
  • foodservice solutions
  • natural conversion of current products (syrups, sauces, etc.)
  • remove artificial colours and sweeteners


The global marketplace is influencing consumers to expect customised taste experiences. Our deep knowledge of the coffee and tea marketplace and flavour trends will help you meet the expectations of your target consumers through our sensory science, applications know-how and technology portfolio including taste modulation technology, flavours, creamers and syrups and sauces.

Our coffee extracts are derived from speciality grade, 100% Arabica beans, then we roast, grind, extract, filter and package entirely in our state-of-the-art facility in the U.S. – capturing the distinctive flavour and aroma that provides the signature taste of any coffee.

Syrups and sauces enable consumers to customise their beverages. We’ve created a wide range of subtly flavoured syrups and sauces for use in coffee, tea and espresso. Our syrups and sauces are also designed to enhance taste and maintain mouthfeel under rigorous demands.

Kerry can provide customised solutions for your coffee and tea programs in restaurants chains. Whether it be a core menu flavour, or LTO platform, Kerry can provide unique, innovative solutions to expand your menu.

We offer sugar-free and all-natural options – formulated to not curdle milk, be 100% soluble and hold up well under heat. We also have a line of branded syrups. View our range of foodservice and convenience brands.


The tea and coffee marketplace continues to evolve rapidly as curious consumers crave new, exciting indulgent choices that also meet their demands in terms of cost, sustainability and personalisation - more than half of consumers would like to try a coffee product that offers additional benefits such as fibre, protein or natural energy.

Kerry collects consumer insight on a global and local scale using specialised tools. We use this information to develop solutions that are shaping the future of coffee and tea consumption. The result is the largest, most innovative portfolio of taste and nutrition systems, nutritional actives, and functional solutions in the beverage industry. 

We’re leveraging the full breadth and depth of Kerry’s technologies to deliver innovative, customer-focused solutions to market. 

Our global network of innovation centres is home to over 200 research and development scientists, practising open innovation with our customers across market applications and technologies.

We understand, and are bringing to market, the diversity in flavours and products that our multi-cultural world expects. And we’re doing that by perfecting the art of ‘glocalism’, the ability to deliver a bold variety of international flavours influencing food and beverage choices using locally sourced ingredients.