Unmatched expertise in nutritional beverages

Consumers across the globe are becoming more aware of their health and, as a result, are looking for convenient food and beverage solutions that impact upon it in a positive way. Nutritional beverages therefore are enjoying soaring, worldwide popularity.

Kerry has a long tradition of developing nutritional beverages. Our teams of dedicated nutritional scientists, application and marketing experts have made us a successful partner in the nutritional beverage industry for over 30 years.

Kerry has the unique ability to create beverages, which not only deliver superior nutrition in line with market demands, but also taste great. By leveraging our longstanding expertise and global manufacturing capabilities, we can deliver all this with greater speed to market. 

Better-for-you beverages

Consumers are more demanding than ever before. They continue to want indulgent products, but they are also seeking better for you or healthier options.

The food and beverage industry is constantly being challenged to improve the healthfulness of products. However, removing ingredients can come at a cost – the taste, texture and shelf life can all be impacted.

Kerry’s complete solutions, formulation and applications expertise mean this does not have to be the case. Our solutions include taste modulation technology, fermented ingredients, enzymes or the utilisation of texture systems and flavour solutions.

Our integrated approach ensures the development of products that are low in sugar, salt and fat without compromising the taste, texture or quality of the finished product.

Good-for-you beverages

Consumer interest in health is at an all time high. Never before have consumers been more aware of what they are eating and the nutrients that they include in their diets.

Positive nutrition is an ever growing market – consumers are more interested in hearing what they should eat than what they shouldn’t. They are looking to incorporate more protein, fibre, wholegrains, vitamins and minerals into their diet, as well as looking for products to meet their specific needs such as digestive and immune health.

However, the addition of functionality to beverages can often have negative effects on the taste and texture of a product.

Kerry has a range of solutions to address all of these challenges. Our extensive nutritional offering, which includes dairy and plant protein sources, fibre, wholegrain, prebiotic and bioactives means we can deliver all the positive nutrition demanded by consumers while our functional ingredients and taste solutions ensure delivery of excellent taste and texture.

Combining our nutritional and functional offering with our application and development expertise ensures the delivery of a great tasting beverage with the nutrition demanded by the consumer.

Tailored-for-you beverages

Kerry has a long standing history in creating beverages tailored to the specific needs of consumers. We have been creating solutions for all life stages for over 30 years, from infant milk formula to nutritional beverages for senior consumers. 

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