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Delivering authentic, familiar taste

The market for dairy continues to grow as consumers around the world appreciate its value as a great-tasting source of quality nutrition.

However, the ways in which people consume dairy are changing. Consumers are drinking less traditional whole milk, for example, while the consumption of milk protein in sports nutrition beverages and other products has seen major growth in recent years.

Likewise, attitudes toward dairy fat continue to evolve. Consumers love its creamy taste, but often want to avoid the associated fat.

For producers of dairy products, the complex nature of dairy can often result in an inconsistent end product, or other difficulties in the manufacturing process and supply chain.

Kerry’s dairy heritage

Today, Kerry is a global taste and nutrition business, but retains a vertically integrated dairy supply chain.

We can provide a range of dairy solutions that delight consumers, are appropriate for their needs and which manufacturers can easily and efficiently use in their production processes to make tastier, healthier, more consistent products.

Why Dairy?

Kerry has, over decades, perfected the application of dairy taste across a wide range of products, processes and cost environments.

Our range of dairy taste solutions can be exactly what you need to deliver the authentic, familiar taste of dairy in your products, with the right intensity, duration and aroma.

Our taste technologists will help you to apply our solutions in your processes, regardless of how complex or innovative these may be. In yoghurts, cheeses, custards, spreads and many other products, our dairy solutions will give your consumers the consistent taste profiles they seek.

Better nutrition

As well as being tasty and versatile, dairy is well known as a valuable source of quality nutrition.

However, nutritional needs are complex and can vary. Whether it be the need to consume less saturated fat, or to consume more protein and other nutrients, Kerry has the technology solutions to solve the complex variety of nutritional challenges in dairy.

And, we have done this in a way that continues to maintain and promote the best taste and functional aspects of end products, while enabling the clean, clear product labeling that consumers have come to expect.

It is our dairy heritage and on-going engagement as a primary dairy processor, combined with our taste and nutrition focus and expertise that enables us to achieve the best dairy solutions for your product.

Better performance

Spreadable, pourable, meltable – dairy comes in many formats and is required to serve many purposes. At Kerry, we’ve worked with it in all its forms.

If your product requires functionality that supports heat or freeze thaw stability, emulsion or texture performance or the delivery of body and mouthfeel, we have the technology and capability to meet these needs.

Indeed, if your challenge involves reducing the dairy content of a product, while maintaining all the best aspects of taste, texture and performance, our technologists and scientists can work to find the best solution for you and the consumers you serve.

We came to Kerry because we were searching for a solution to our sugar reduction goals. When we attempted to internalise the project, we missed the exact taste and texture combination.

During our working sessions with Kerry, we were able to reduce the sugar by eight grams and improve our overall mouthfeel.

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