Custom Dairy Solutions

We’ve been pushing the limits in dairy for over four decades. If we don’t have the right solution for you, we’ll create one.

Kerry: the home of dairy

Dairy is at the core of Kerry’s business, and we are a global leader in the delivery of authentic dairy solutions for the food and beverage industry.

Our expertise in dairy goes back to its beginnings as an Irish milk processing co-operative. This heritage enables us to understand and appreciate the complexity of dairy and how it performs and is enjoyed in different environments and applications.

Over the years, we have created a range of products to suit the most complex and demanding manufacturing processes and the most novel consumption requirements. Only an organisation with Kerry’s deep understanding of the taste, texture and overall experience of dairy can bring real inspiration to the table. The dairy solutions we create deliver the very best in taste and nutrition. 

Dairy taste

The taste of dairy is complex and can be highly variable. Kerry’s broad range of dairy taste products are designed to provide consistent, authentic dairy profiles that consumers love in a broad range of products. 

Regardless of the dairy content of your product, Kerry’s dairy taste solutions can be calibrated to your needs and include flavour derived from natural dairy, facilitating clean, clear product labelling.

Dairy taste solutions include numerous varieties of milk, cream, cheese, butter and cultured flavours. Available in both dry and liquid form, Kerry’s dairy taste solutions provide a range of concentration intensities. 

Our dairy taste solutions incorporate clean-label, natural dairy products, while nature identical and artificial options are also available, across all flavour profiles.

Dried dairy

Using fresh dairy adds complexity, inefficiency and cost to many production processes. These difficulties can be overcome and your process and product improved by using a dry Kerry offering. Our dried dairy products can be tailored to suit your manufacturing or consumer needs.

Products include:

  • dried cheese
  • dried butter 
  • dried cream
  • dried cultured dairy

Please contact your Kerry account manager or our customer care department for a complete list of available products. 

Natural and processed cheese

Kerry’s broad range of dairy products includes a variety of natural and processed cheeses with built-in functionality to suit a wide range of end-use applications. 

Kerry’s cheese products are a favourite of consumers globally. Available natural cheese formats include:

  • cheese blocks
  • club cheese
  • diced cheese
  • pillow pack / sachet cheese
  • shredded cheese
  • sliced cheese

Our processed cheese products include:

  • non-standard of identity cheese such as pre-bake cheese shreds and shelf-stable, controlled melt cheese shreds
  • functional cheese blends in blocks or barrels
  • processed cheese, a blend of natural cheese and other ingredients to create a smooth, consistent and flavourful cheese
  • imitation cheese, based on milk protein and vegetable oil, offers a cost saving and functional benefits such as an easier melt

Contact our natural and processed cheese development team to discuss your needs. 


Within the yoghurt category, Kerry’s technologies can provide assistance with sugar and fat reduction, taste enhancement and product premiumisation through texture and other enhancements. 

Kerry’s fruit preps and inclusions provide customers with further means to offer product variety to their consumers.

Dairy proteins

Kerry has more than 40 years’ experience developing high-quality dairy proteins for food, beverage and nutritional uses. Kerry dairy proteins are characterised by excellent organoleptic properties and have a clean milk flavour and colour. Protein, lactose and mineral contents can be varied to suit specific technical and nutritional requirements.

  • milk protein isolates
  • functional milk proteins
  • milk protein concentrates
  • casein 
  • whey