The go-to experts in ice cream

As the largest ice cream innovation company serving the manufacturing and foodservice industries today, Kerry goes beyond invention to drive taste differentiation and create innovation, renovation and disruption.

Working closely with our customers, we develop ice cream products that define the market.

Take your ice cream offering wherever you want it to go with Kerry, by crafting familiar favourites or embarking on explorations of taste and texture.

Our global production capabilities and specialist knowledge in texture systems, sweet flavours, functional ingredients, dairy systems, textured inclusions, bases, sauces and decorations make Kerry the go-to experts in ice cream.

Pushing the boundaries of ice cream flavour and texture

We're working at the forefront of ice cream innovation to deliver exhilarating taste experiences and innovative flavour combinations. Whether you’re looking for gooey, chewy, silky or tingly textures or sweet, salty and savoury mashups, we’ve got the lot.

As consumers become more adventurous in their preferences, we're helping our partners to develop ice cream experiences that challenge the palate and push boundaries. We are already disrupting markets through our exploration of how ice cream and inclusions can be blended, layered and folded. 

Consumers are seeking chef-inspired pleasures such as dough chunks and crumbles, textured cake variegates bases and branded biscuit inclusions. Kerry was the first to include cookie and dessert butters in ice cream, and we have cost-effective and natural solutions to these and other market challenges. 

Pioneer the ice cream inclusions that are at the forefront of consumer trends with Kerry at your side. 

Our extensive range of flavours allows you to customise with confidence

Consumers aren't compromising, they're customising. That means the pressure is on to develop innovative ice cream and differentiated frozen dessert formats that surprise and delight. 

Consumers want the experience of dessert combinations that are frozen, drinkable, bite-size, mini and handheld. They want to explore all the permutations and combinations of compound coatings, sweets, particulates and fruits that we can offer.

We take a tailored approach to customisation, applying a wealth of sector knowledge, market insight and taste and texture expertise. We can build and modify any type of ice cream format from the humble single serve through to tailored, artisanal experiences.

Kerry’s suite of discovery tools enable us to be masters in innovation.

Wholesome, guilt-free indulgence

Reduced-sugar, reduced-fat, dairy and lactose-free ice cream and frozen desserts are capturing a growing share of the market. As ice cream makers are incorporating natural ingredients, fewer additives and less sugar and fat, the need for comfort and indulgence are more important than ever. Richer, smaller portions are on the rise. 

Kerry has the expertise to create products that meet this demand for ever-more indulgent ice cream that also meets dietary needs. Our food scientists are experts in reducing sugar, increasing nutrition and finding natural solutions – all while serving up delicious taste and texture. 

We can offer you ice cream alternatives, including:

  • sorbets
  • yoghurts
  • smoothies

Our bio-lactase and enzymes can help you craft richer, but healthier, options. Our crystal technology allows you to incorporate rich fruit and vegetable flavours. And we can bolster the nutritional profile of your ice cream offering with wholegrains.

The ice cream market loves imagination and at Kerry, we take that seriously. While you create and innovate, we make sure that you have the processes and expertise to make it real.

36% of US consumers check the sugar or sweetener content in ice cream Mintel, 2016

We offer premium, indulgent scoops of heaven

Kerry leads in premiumisation, and nowhere is that more important than in the ice cream, frozen and drinkable dessert sector. Our vision for ice cream is driven by a passion for culinary and technical excellence. We’re experimental and create unique, sumptuous experiences as a result.

These days, many consumers see ice cream as an epicurean treat, and we can help you satisfy them with baked ice creams, confectionery ice creams, ice creams that incorporate elements of other desserts and ones that are crafted by chefs.

Kerry is exploring the potential presented by a world of taste without forgetting our roots. We love to serve up homemade ice cream with hints of sophistication. Artisinal flavours that are drawn from nature. Delicate blends that borrow from disparate cuisines. Imagine rich tiramisu or ice cream inspired by baklava or crème brulee, or ice cream that is shot through with tahini and honey. All of it is possible with Kerry.

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