An innovative approach to appetisers

When it comes to great tasting appetisers, Kerry brings more to the party.

Our product development specialists, global market intelligence teams and in-house sensory experts constantly track consumer trends and help customers shape the future of appetisers.

Working with Kerry, customers have the world’s biggest taste and nutrition product portfolio at their disposal. They have access to our unrivalled knowledge of the appetiser marketplace and a successful track record of delivering superior taste, texture, functionality and new innovative formats to satisfy consumer curiosity for new flavours.

We are industry experts at delivering:

  • dairy and sauces portions specifically designed for appetiser applications
  • complete coatings and breading solutions (including tempura and Japanese bread crumb)
  • seasonings and flavourings to deliver authentic, on-trend ethnic flavour profiles
  • better-for-you, healthier appetiser options, including low fat and gluten free
  • customisable appetiser solutions via cold-form extrusion processing and equipment

Hot Topic: Creating adventurous but familiar appetisers

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Tailored solutions to functional challenges

Kerry has invested decades of research and development to become the industry’s leading appetiser expert for our customers. Our culinary chefs, food scientists, in-house sensory experts, new product development technologists and applications technologists have carefully studied how our components react to freezing, thawing, baking and frying. 

In fact, our products can be used in every step in the process of producing market-leading appetisers for consumers around the globe including:

  • bread crumbs
  • natural smoke condensates
  • seasonings and sauces
  • dairy technologies
  • taste systems
  • predust intermediates and matrices
  • natural browning agents
  • patented equipment solutions for cold-form extrusion

Our customers trust us. We are experts in controlled meltability, portion control, taste and texture and adapting foods to hand-held or alternative formats. If you have an idea for a new appetiser, the Kerry team can help you bring it to market.

Clean labelling made easy

Kerry is the expert in clean labelling and a trusted advisor to customers seeking to clean up product labels. Whether your product is still at the concept stage or already in production, we can work together to simplify your ingredient list, replace artificial ingredients and deliver better-for-you alternatives to MSG, preservatives and additives. 

We do it all without compromising on taste, texture or product functionality.

Customers rely on Kerry to help develop all-natural extensions of their already successful brands by creating new, cleaner label recipes.

Faster, better

Kerry will get your appetisers to market faster, while addressing taste, texture, flavour and functionality challenges along the way. We work collaboratively with you, leveraging our taste and nutrition solutions into your products and by putting our knowledge of the cold-form extrusion process and equipment to work for you. 

You benefit from the synergies we can bring to every step of the appetiser development and production process.

Our industry-leading size and scope means you get added value throughout every element of our systems and processes. Our quality standards are non-negotiable, and our global purchasing power and broad range of technologies offer access to excellence and efficiency at every stage of the process.

A little extra spice

Kerry’s team of multi-disciplinary experts will partner with you to apply our knowledge and creativity to developing a premium appetiser that delivers superior taste in a thoroughly indulgent experience. 

We operate in markets around the world and have intimate knowledge of how to create premium appetisers for every region, culture and community. Every aspect of your appetiser development can be customised to meet your brand and market-specific needs.

Our production capabilities have exceptional flexibility. We can provide sophisticated small plate options complete with rich ingredients, great flavours and textures to delight your consumers.