Convenient solutions for a fast-moving marketplace

Modern lifestyles continue to drive demand for healthy, convenient foods, which promises a bright future for the prepared meals market. Consumers are looking for diverse, customised and exciting eating experiences that are tasty, wholesome and nutritious.

Let Kerry be your guide to navigate the complex ecosystem of the prepared meals market and help you create a space for your offering. Drawing on our extensive taste and nutrition portfolio and our technical solutions, we can work with you to deliver fresh, authentic taste, through tasty functional systems.

Case study Reinvigorating menus with global tastes

Bringing a world of taste to the kitchen table

Demand is growing for exciting foods that engage all of the senses through multi-sensorial attributes. 

Consumers want to bring home the aromas and flavours that they find in the restaurants around them and the cultures they experience abroad.

Kerry’s portfolio of prepared meal solutions includes new and emerging sources of taste and texture – inspired by traditional recipes, new wood-fired aromas and authentic preparation methods, enriching the eating experience at home. 

Our comprehensive taste portfolio and custom taste systems work together to provide authentic taste across a broad range of applications, including meat, meat-free, dairy and ‘free-from’ options.

Our global teams of chefs, kitchen technologists, nutritionists and food scientists have the broadest possible portfolio of ingredients at their disposal. Our in-house sensory experts bring authentic local knowledge to develop traditional, exotic and fusion foods with improved taste and mouthfeel.

We can provide:

  • an unrivalled range of taste experiences from all corners of the world
  • the deepest knowledge of crafting tastes and textures
  • sophisticated solutions to create artisanal meals

Producing culinary experiences for the home

A growing trend amongst consumers is a desire to cook new and exciting foods at home that may once have only been tried in restaurants. 

Recipes are an idea source, but often are too intimidating. Increasingly, consumers with low confidence in the kitchen are turning to speciality, contemporary meal kits to explore their culinary skills while being guided to the desired outcome.

We work with prepared meal manufacturers around the world to create customisable products, which help consumers explore their creativity.

Our expert technologists and food scientists can work with you to create components of prepared meals in a variety of formats to meet your needs and challenges, that will meet consumer expectations for great food experiences.

Delivering products that are built on wholesome goodness

Kerry’s food scientists and nutrition experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in bringing natural and nourishing prepared meals to market and onto tables around the world.

Consumers are increasingly focused on the health and wellness aspects of the food they eat and are looking for nourishing prepared meals made from natural ingredients that have been crafted to target specific life stages and need states. They’re also looking for healthy meals that are less processed and use recognisable ingredients.

We understand that producing wholesome but convenient meals without compromising on taste can be a difficult challenge, but we have the insight, experience and technology to help you surmount it.

Work with us to create healthier and more nutritious options for ready meals and side dishes.

Two-thirds of US consumers claim that they would eat more prepared meals if they were less processed. Mintel, 2015

Loyalty built on trust

Kerry can ensure the labeling of your prepared meals product will be a key selling point, something you take pride in and your consumers can trust.

Consumers want simple and recognisable ingredients, free from the additives that prepared foods have been associated with in the past. Kerry understands that it isn’t enough to simply remove the elements of prepared meals that are unpopular with consumers. Food needs to have its goodness built in, not stripped out.

Our range of functional ingredients allow you create prepared meals with high functionality and trusted labels.

Work with us to craft top class prepared meals that ensure the best taste as well as improved nutrition. Draw on our expertise in creating prepared meals that are built from simple, trusted ingredients from authentic sources.

Helping you hit the right price point, every time

The prepared foods market is competitive.

Manufacturers must cater to savvy consumers who are taste, health and value conscious. These consumers are seeking new and exciting options on a range of budgets.

Kerry has unparalleled global purchasing power, knowledge and expertise. You need to know that you are supplied with the best raw materials from reliable sources, allowing you to respond to market shifts and plan into the future. We can design optimal solutions using our market-leading technologies which meet consumers’ needs whilst also keeping an eye on cost.

Our relationships with producers and suppliers can arm you with continuity of supply of quality materials, which means you can plan ahead and hit a variety of price points – right up to premium – in any market.

If you’re looking to create premium products, we can help you by adding new capabilities, set up new supply chains and bring new practices into operation. Work with us to capture increased revenues and profits from the premiumisation trend.