Delivering superior meat products

Kerry uses innovative technology and processing systems along with applications and sensory expertise to create great-tasting and better-for-you solutions for our customers’ meat and meat-free products.

Whether you’re in retail or foodservice, we deliver meat products with safety and performance guaranteed. Here is just a flavour of our products and systems:

  • functional meat systems: brines, cures and textured meat analogues
  • meat flavourings: natural, meat and cooking method/processing flavours
  • meat and savoury seasonings: meat seasonings, meat-free / meat analogue seasonings
  • natural smoke condensates and grill flavours
  • marinades, rubs and glazes
  • batters, breaders and predusts
  • fermented ingredients

Case study:
Clean label meat marinades

Hot topic: The rise of smoky flavours

Smoke has been used as a flavouring agent in meat and other savoury dishes for as long as we can remember. But now it’s branching out, and smoke flavours are being added to other food and beverage categories. 

It adds a layer of flavour complexity not seen before in these cateogries, and it’s proving popular. Burned flavours were listed as a 2016 top food trend by Technomic, and charred or burnt flavours can be found on 7% of all US menus today.

But why is it so appealing?

Smoke adds flavour to food without plumping up the calorie count, allowing consumers to experience deeper flavour without negative health impacts. This feeds into today’s global move towards clean eating. Consumers are looking to cut calories and eat foods with clean labelling – but they still desire full flavour. Smoky flavours tick those boxes. 

Smoke in unexpected places

Forget smoked salmon, bacon and cheese, this year’s smoked products are much more adventurous. With 25% of consumers interested in trying a smoky dessert, it’s no surprise smoky flavours are appearing in sweet foods, including chocolate, honey and ice cream.

Fruit and vegetables are also getting the smoky treatment: charred or roasted vegetable sides, charred fruits as dessert toppings, and even smoked avocado, sweet corn and coconut are popping up on menus.
When it comes to beverage, oak smoked water is new on the market, and cocktails are increasingly featuring smoked ice or syrups. 
Smoky flavours are even appearing in savoury foods such as tortilla chips. 
Kerry’s smoke capabilities
Kerry is a market leader in created smoky taste experiences. We have world-class smoke expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and processing capabilities which are second to none. 
Talk to us about creating smoke for:
Shelf life

Sources: Bitten 2016, Datassential 2016, Mintel 2014; 2015; 2014

Total global solutions

Our approach to poultry is all about taste and nutrition. Whether it’s ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook, BBQ, rotisserie or deli, we help customers create great-tasting, nutrient-rich poultry products to meet consumer demand.

Poultry is regarded as the most versatile of meat proteins. New formats in packaging and portions appear daily on menus and in stores to meet growing consumer demand for new taste profiles leveraging more authentic flavours such as Tennessee BBQ, smoked rotisserie, roasted or deli.  Customers partner with Kerry to develop tailored solutions to meet their unique category needs, locally and around the globe.

Our industry-leading range of meat systems provide customers with customised taste innovation for every market, ensuring each poultry product is filled with great taste, while helping optimise cost, product yield and shelf life. Here are some of our many poultry solutions:

When it comes to poultry, transparency is not just expected – it is fundamental. Clean and clear labels are a key focus for poultry consumers.

Leveraging our robust food safety programmes, we help customers safeguard the security of the food chain to protect their products and their brands.


  • We deliver better taste through our coatings, seasonings, sauces, marinades, rubs, glazes, natural smoke condensates, authentic culinary foundations, yeast extracts and natural flavours.
  • We deliver better performance through our brines, cures, emulsifiers, binders, natural preservatives and texturisers.
  • We deliver better-for-you options through our baked crumbs, reduced-fat and gluten-free coating systems, which can be tailored according to your specific application requirements or consumer preferences. We can help you create a truly unique, great-tasting and better-for-you coating system by leveraging many different types of fats or blends of fat which can be applied to a variety of crumbs and infused with herbs and spices, oils, seeds and grains.

Global favourite, expert knowledge

Bacon, hams, sausages, bratwurst, hot dogs, pork chops, roasts and loins and ribs... the list goes on. Globally, consumers eat 114m tonnes of pork a year, more than any other animal protein in the world, with a little more than half being consumed in China alone.

Whether it’s sausages with just the right seasoning and the perfect bite, a hot dog on the grill or hickory smoked bacon, we work with you to deliver the authentic taste experiences that your customers crave.

Our market leading portfolio of natural smoke condensates and grill flavours, combined with our leading savoury taste portfolio, functional meat systems, our knowledge of applications and application equipment and our passion for food help us meet the needs of the ever-changing consumer.

Our process knowledge and know-how helps you reduce yield loss, increase throughput and create products that have more consistent colour, are more sustainable and deliver greater overall value.

In addition to meeting the needs of our customers from a taste and manufacturing perspective, we also help our customers lead from a nutritional perspective, working closely with them to deliver products with cleaner labels that still deliver the same taste, texture and functionality that consumers love, as well as help you address other important consumer issues like food protection and preservation, lower sodium and other key industry health drivers.

Industry-leading insight

Customers rely on Kerry’s decades of taste experience and functional expertise to ensure their products stand out from the crowd.

Our in-depth understanding of meat science enables more efficient production and ensures safety – leading to improved product taste and performance, shelf life and sustainability. Our aim is to help our customers create great-tasting, succulent red meat products that delight a market worth $90bn in the US alone*.

Kerry’s global leadership and vast portfolio enable customers to easily determine taste and functional ingredient choices and quantity – all of which is essential for:

  • improving yield
  • improving water, fat and protein binding
  • improving manufacturability
  • extending shelf life
  • improved or maintained taste
Processed red meat sales have declined by 8% in the last five years.
[Euromonitor, 2015]

Our fully integrated solutions help customers tackle microbial challenges, creating not only great tasting foods, but also promoting fresher-for-longer, improved food safety and enhanced colour stability. 

We offer better-for-you solutions to address the growing consumer need for healthier, more balanced alternatives – allowing us to reduce salt, fat and sugar without compromising great taste and helping customers balance the cost and performance of their recipes.

*Source: Nielsen xAOC 52 Wk trailing Aug 2015

The future of seafood

Our insights into global consumer behaviour show that consumers choose seafood as a healthy source of protein. They perceive it as a functional food that outperforms alternative, scientifically enhanced protein sources on the basis of nutritional value. It’s also low in unsaturated fat and contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and antioxidants.

The US fish and seafood market has grown steadily since 2008, with more than 7 in 10 households using some form of fish or seafood, and steady growth is projected into 2018. In Europe, the fish market was the second most important category for new product development, accounting for one third of new product innovation in 2014. (Mintel 2016).

Our dedicated nutritionists and R&D scientists can enhance the natural health benefits of seafood by providing natural, clean-label solutions to help customers develop more wholesome seafood products.

Coated seafood remains high on consumers’ preferred meal choices, with fish fingers and fillets found in many households. Quality coatings start with a passion for breadcrumbs.

At Kerry, we can achieve the highest levels of quality control, traceability and consistency, while also tailoring the product’s taste and texture according to the needs of our customers and their consumers – from sweet to malty, to nutty and smoky.

Customers come to Kerry to leverage our natural smoke condensates, grill flavours, natural meat and savoury flavours, stocks, broths and bouillons, plus our meat, vegetable and herb reductions, yeast extracts and traditional cooking method / process flavours to develop great-tasting and market-leading seafood products.

Our skilled culinary experts and food scientists can work with you to incorporate Kerry’s taste systems into any seafood product application in a cost-effective way.

We also understand the priorities of the global seafood industry, which means listening to consumer concerns about management of fish resources. 

Meat substitutes that are nutritious and tasty

We’re perfecting the art of meat-free products that look, taste and feel like real meat – addressing the needs of flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans and health conscious consumers. Our meat substitutes are ideal for a variety of formats, including:

  • sausages
  • burgers
  • pies
  • ready meals
  • meal centres
  • sandwich fillings
  • coated products
  • shreds
  • strips

The best meat-free solutions begin with high quality protein sources. Whether developing a protein base from soy, wheat or other alternatives, Kerry provides customers with complete solutions, including binding technology, seasonings, taste and coating systems that focus on a variety of applications.

Our functional systems for binding deliver great mouthfeel. Additional nutritional benefits include added fibre and fat reduction, combined with fresher-for-longer natural preservative technology to reduce product spoilage and waste.

Our seasonings, sauces and glazes are designed with meat free applications in mind. We’re also developing our meat-free range in tandem with the demand for products that meet consumers’ growing preference for allergen and gluten free with proprietary products including:

  • Wheatpro
  • Ktex Mince
  • Ktex chunk
  • Cere-shred
  • Textured vegetable protein

*Availability of products may be determined by region.

All of this results in great-tasting products with appealing meat-like texture and nutrition.

Our 20-year history as a meat-free supplier means that we can deliver differentiated, authentic profiles. We know the meat-free category is one to watch and are working in partnership with our customers to develop innovative solutions to address the meat-free challenges still experienced by the industry today.

7% of all US product introductions between 2012 and 2015 were meat substitutes.

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