Pharmaceutical Solutions

For decades, we’ve helped our partners with common pharmaceutical production processes,
including overcoming delivery challenges and manufacturing.

The standard of comparison in pharmaceuticals

Kerry, through our Sheffield brand, has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 75 years. We have earned a reputation for reliability and excellence in serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets. We have been involved in every major development in the industry, from our roots as a dairy and lactose producer serving the US market, through to our current position as the world’s most trusted provider of excipient solutions.

We can help you deliver the best product value, identify synergies and savings, and apply the latest technology to help you achieve ground-breaking innovations.

We have a US$6 billion market capitalisation and deep roots in markets across the globe. No matter what you’re making, or where you’re operating, we can help you meet the technical, regulatory, and application challenges that you’re facing.

Our core technical expertise and extensive knowledge in industrial pharmaceutical manufacturing enables us to support our customers in optimising for performance and efficiency. We collaborate directly with formulators in the development process, assist with trials, and solve production issues.

You can access the full suite of our products and services at each of our regional innovation centres in Singapore, Shanghai, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Ireland and the U.S.

Delivering excellence in excipients

Kerry can solve your regulatory and API delivery challenges with a range of film coatings and excipient solutions. 

Our technology can produce pleasant film coatings that ease administration through subtle flavours and aromas. We have the research to solve your storage problems and ensure that your product reaches consumers with the highest degree of safety and efficacy. We also have a suite of formulations to choose from including orally dissolvable tablets, dry powder inhalers, and pharmaceutical grade lactose.

Realise savings through our self-lubricating excipients that require fewer steps to manufacture, and stable parental drug delivery products which guarantee safe injections.   

Through our Sheffield brand, we’ve been innovating API delivery for more than 75 years. 

Free yourself to innovate

It’s more important than ever to have a strong ally by your side to support your innovation journey.

Kerry has an impressive portfolio of excipient products, research, and technology. You can spend more time on doing what you do best – making pharmaceutical breakthroughs – while we create the delivery mechanisms that make them a reality.

Consumers demand new active pharmaceutical technologies, and they will need ground-breaking excipient solutions to deliver them. Kerry is at the forefront of meeting the emerging challenges of the new world of pharmaceuticals.

Global reach, local knowledge

With Kerry, you can be sure that you are receiving the best advice on regulatory issues in any jurisdiction. We have excellent relationships with regulatory bodies in all parts of the world, strong links to other professionals in the industry and deep reserves of research and development of our own. We have the resources you need to embark on your product development journey with confidence. Wherever your operations are based, Kerry is nearby. You can access the full suite of our products and services at each of our regional offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Ireland and the U.S.