Delivering on taste, texture and nutrition 

In an environment where consumers are changing their snacking habits and demanding healthy, natural and tasty products, our market knowledge is invaluable.

Furthermore, our ability to deliver high-quality cereal products for breakfast, snack and nutritional applications is unmatched.

Our range of customised cereal solutions provides manufacturers of cereals, bars, snacks, confections and other products the capability to improve taste and deliver on consumers’ varied nutritional requirements. Our portfolio includes ingredients such as crisps and flakes, clusters, granolas and extruded shapes that can be developed to meet our customers’ specific requirements for both nutritional value and taste.

Crisps, flakes, grains and legumes

We’re helping customers around the world to embrace innovation in the production of cereals, bars and wholesome snacks to stay ahead of changing consumer tastes and capitalise on market trends.

Our snack bases are made with 100% whole grains, low density, all natural ingredients.

And while our crisps, flakes, puffed grains and legumes make a great snack mix ingredient, carefully developed to maximise our technologies and application expertise, we choose them for quality and so can also be developed as a standalone snack.

Crisps & flakes: Kerry has the widest array of crisps and flakes, including whole grain, protein-rich and non-soy options suitable for use in cereal, bar, snack and confectionery applications.

  • protein crisps
  • legume crisps (i.e. beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.)
  • rice crisps
  • whole grain crisps
  • mini grain flakes
  • high protein flakes

Puffed grains & legumes: Our proprietary process enables us to create and offer a variety of RTE puffed legumes and ancient and traditional grains to add great-tasting protein and fibre with the added benefit of whole food identity.

  • wheat puffed grains
  • rice puffed grains
  • corn puffed grains
  • millet puffed grains
  • oat puffed grains
  • ancient grains
  • mixed grains
  • lentils
  • chickpeas

Cereal inclusions

Kerry’s portfolio of inclusions is diverse and can be customised to suit a variety of applications including ready-to-eat cereals, bars, snacks and confections.

We tailor our products to meet your exact standards and needs – whether that’s formulating to include specific nutritional values, custom textures, flavours, appearances or sizes.

We help you target changing consumer priorities to develop or reinvigorate your product with elements that are organic, natural, high protein, high fibre and/or nutritionally enhanced.

Our capabilities also mean we can encase these products with a variety of sweet coatings such as pastel, yoghurt and other creamy coverings to provide another layer of texture and flavour.

  • clusters
  • coated inclusions
  • soy nuts

Granola and complete cereals

Our cereal market customers rely on us because we offer an unmatched number of technologies.

But as well as being experts formulating an ideal blend of textures, flavours and visual appeal, we’re also looking ahead to identify trends and stay ahead of rapidly-changing consumer tastes.

Our focus on and investment in continuous market research means we can proactively develop components that will give your blend an edge – often helping you to get to market faster too.

Our complete cereals are ready-to-eat products:

  • granola
  • multiple-component cereals
  • extruded shapes
  • twigs
  • puffed

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