Speciality Enzymes

Catalysing taste and nutrition

We produce enzymes through fermentation of our proprietary yeast, bacterial or fungal strains. Our portfolio of speciality enzymes can be used in bakerybeveragesconfectionerydairymeat or the human and animal nutrition markets.

Within the bakery market, our speciality enzymes have excellent benefits in breads and rolls, wafers, cakes, doughnuts, cookies and crackers.


Some of our key products:


Our range of specialty Bioinvert™ invertase enzymes are suitable for confectionery applications.


  • enhances shelf life by keeping product moist maintaining product moisture and hygroscopic
  • enhances shelf life by controlling sugar recrystalisation
  • in soft centred chocolate applications, controlled enzymatic functionality delivers taste and texture
  • natural delivery of increased product sweetness


Our range of lactase enzymes are suitable for dairy applications as well as human nutrition applications, even at low temperatures. They are suitable for automated dosing and eliminating waste.


  • hydrolysed milk and dairy products
  • milk
  • converts lactose to glucose and galactose, enabling milk consumption by lactose intolerant people
  • yoghurt – enhances natural sweetness in a cost effective manner
  • ice cream – gives a creamier, more indulgent texture
  • prevents sandiness and improves scoopability
  • concentrated milk products
  • controls crystalisation of sugars and graininess


Amylo™ is a fungal amyloglucosidase, which produces glucose units from starch or dextrin and maltose. It can be used in cereal extraction processes to increase the sweetness and yield or the production of fermentation of wort in brewing applications. It is also used in cereal-based nutritional beverages.


  • increases wort glucose levels
  • unlocks sweetness naturally
  • improves alcohol yield


Hitempase™ is an endo-acting bacterial α-amylase, for the liquefaction of starches producing dextrins and sugars. It is characterised by its stability at extremely high temperatures (~105°C). It is used in brewing and cereal-based nutritional beverages.


  • improves starch liquefaction and subsequent yields in cereal cooking processes
  • control of starch positive worts in brewing


Kerry’s Bioglucanase™ range of products can be used in cereal processing to hydrolyse β-glucan removing non-starch polysaccharides from cereal extracts including wort and green beer. It is used in brewing and cereal-based nutritional beverages.


  • reduces mash and cereal extract / wort viscosity
  • eliminates β-glucan gums and hazes
  • improves filtration Increases extract yield
  • compensates for raw material quality and seasonal variations
  • improves colloidal stability


The Promalt™ range of products from Kerry is designed deliver a complete range of relevant enzyme activities in a properly controlled and balanced manner in high adjunct brewing and alternative grain processing. It is also used in cereal-based nutritional beverages.


  • a single addition of amylase, glucanase, cellulose and protease
  • improves extract yield and fermentation
  • gives consistent extract production
  • improves the nutritional value of animal feeds


BioProtease™ proteolytic enzymes are efficient in hydrolysing protein into free amino acids and short chain peptides. These comfort proteins exhibit low allergenicity for a range of nutritional applications including infant formulas. BioProtease is used in nutritional products for all life stages, but particularly in infant and toddler nutrition.