Clean Label

Consumer Positioning

With the growth in consumer demand for healthy natural ingredients that will retain key functionality, companies are feeling the pressure to reformulate their products by replacing artificial ingredients with clean label alternatives. Companies are moving to simpler, cleaner labels with reduced ingredient lists that are perceived as natural or with minimal processing. Partner with Kerry for strategic clean label alternatives to meet your customers' expectations.

Consumer Expectations

No Villains

For consumers avoiding specific real or perceived ‘non-clean’ label ingredients

 Market Needs

  • Allergen Free (e.g Gluten)
  • GMO Free
  • No E-numbers/Chemicals
  • "Added Sugar"
  • Trans Fats

Honesty & Trust

For consumers who expect full disclosure, sustainability sourced products, backed by facts - looking for safe and trusted brands, producers, retailers, etc.

 Market Needs

  • Sustainability Sourced
  • Origin Source
  • Safe and Trusted Endorsements
  • Brand Commitments Towards Sustainability
  • Pro-Active Consumer Engagement

Simplicity & Transparency

For consumers who want simple and easy to understand ingredient lists

Market Needs

  • Short and simple ingredient statements
  • Pantry Ingredients (No scientific names)
  • Minimally/Traditionally processed
  • Small Batch/Home cooked/Authentic

Naturally Healthy

For consumers who want natural products and associated (or perceived) health benefits

Market Needs

  • All natural products
  • "Food from Food"
  • Healthy Halo
  • Naturally Functional


To replace ingredient(s) with clean label alternatives while retaining key functionality, taste, and/or nutrition profiles in their products

Market Needs

  • Natural Flavors
  • No Flavors added
  • Natural Preservatives
  • Natural Colors
  • Natural Preservatives
  • Natural Sweetners


To leverage clean label technologies to reduce specific ingredients and simplify their ingredient statements

Market Needs

  • Short ingredient list
  • Natural ingredients that are multi-functional
  • Regulatory, dietary, recommendation compliance


To eliminate specific ingredient(s)

Market Needs

  • BHT Free
  • BPA Free
  • "No-No" lists


Customer are asking for creative ways to reposition products in the market place

Market Needs

  • Product positioning and format
  • Packaging, culinary processing
  • Small Batch/Home cooked/Authentic


Customer with mission based positioning seeking assistance in maintaining identity while scaling business

Market  Needs

  • Certified Organic
  • nonGMO
  • Sustainable practices fro local to global
  • Waste not want not
  • Long Term Investment in Health

Underpinned by understanding of the science and regulation of clean label ingredients
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