Keeping food safe for consumers worldwide

Kerry’s Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Department is customer centric and aligned with our Taste & Nutrition strategy and is focused on:

  1. Ensuring that products and raw materials are compliant with all local and international regulatory agencies
  2. Providing excellent support to customer inquiries
  3. Delivering fast response information that is compliant and consistent
  4. Anticipating regulatory scientific challenges
  5. Providing regulatory and scientific recommendations to support our Taste and Nutrition discovery

Kerry is a trusted regulatory and scientific source that supports our customers from concept to consumer. We are committed to producing and selling safe, high-quality products for the food, beverage and pharma markets.

Our regulatory team is diverse in their education and experience, with backgrounds in biochemistry, biology, food science, pharmacology and more. By employing highly qualified professionals, we are well represented and have active members in key professional agencies.

By monitoring and influencing emerging legislation, Kerry ensures the appropriate licensing, marketing and compliance of food, beverage and pharma products. Our global team of experts ensure that the products we develop, manufacture and distribute meet all the necessary requirements.

At Kerry, we lead the industry to a better understanding of how emerging global trends influence how and why people buy and consume products. Consumers demand more transparency in what they eat and drink, while expecting food producers to be compliant with the law. Regulations are key for building consumers’ trust and raising the integrity of the global food, beverage and pharma industries. Working with Kerry means you’ll have access to the best knowledge and expertise to give you a competitive edge.

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Global Locations

Kerry is embedded in cultures around the world. We have thousands of people on the ground in more than 30 countries who all share one thing – an in-depth knowledge of and passion for the food, beverage and pharma markets.
Food safety and quality. Two food scientists in a lab, looking at scientific equipment.

Food Safety and Quality

Kerry is dedicated to excellence in food safety and quality and is a partner you can trust. Our ultimate aim is to help you make products your consumers enjoy and in which they have complete confidence.
Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute logo.

Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute

The Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute houses an onsite team of experts, trained in the science and policy of health, nutrition and general wellness. The Institute is your destination to connect with information vital to health and wellness professionals.

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