Animal and Pet

We deliver taste and nutrition to animals of all shapes and sizes. Explore our options for making
healthy and economical products.

The future of feeding for animals and pets

Kerry is passionate about providing solutions to challenges in the animal nutrition and pet food markets. This guides our research and development, so we can work alongside you to succeed and obtain results.

We can transform your animal and pet nutrition activity through:

  • technology expertise – optimising animal and pet food nutrition
  • innovation – understanding your need to be profitable, efficient and sustainable
  • manufacture of farm animal and pet-tailored products, including enzymes, emulsifiers, nutraceuticals and proteins
  • solutions for functionality and palatability
  • our global presence, coupled with specialist regional centres

Animal nutrition

At Kerry, our focus is to help producers to increase the efficiency of animal nutrition activities, right through the production process.

We’re in tune with feed manufacturers and animal growers who are increasingly aware of the challenges to produce efficient, sustainable and welfare-friendly animal products for human consumption.

Our product range includes:

  • enzymes to increase the nutritional value of feed
  • emulsifiers to make feed processing more efficient 
  • nutraceuticals, which can replace antibiotics in feed
Our animal nutrition experts are here to help you find solutions to make animal nutrition better.

Pet nutrition

Kerry uses its expertise in taste and nutrition to solve problems for pet food manufacturers and suppliers, as well as pets and their owners.

We’re a global company that focuses on taste and nutrition, so we strive to keep ahead of trends in all pet food categories. We’re ideally placed to respond to the demand for pet food that’s nutritious, healthy, and natural, and has added functionality to address pets’ health needs.

Our experts can work with you to meet the increased demand for pet food. Let Kerry help you increase output and save resources, creating high quality, palatable, innovative, nutrient-packed end products. 

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