Case Study

New Flavours Launched by a Growing Dessert Brand


Following the acquisition of a new brand, a customer wanted to bring to market new and novel dessert flavours that embraced emerging taste trends. They also wanted help integrating and aligning capabilities between the two companies in order to create new products that represented their emerging strategy.


Kerry analysed regional dessert trends using primary and secondary research then made flavour and product recommendations that aligned with the company's new strategy. These spoke to the local demand for comfort food, nostalgia and simple flavours. Following several rounds of testing, the company brought one new flavour to market. This initial offering was successful, so soon another flavour was developed and launched.

Several unique Kerry products were utilised in the development and manufacturing of these two new dessert offerings, including sweet flavours and aromas and fruit pastes. Sourcing these ingredients from Kerry helped streamline production and create sourcing transparency.


Following the success of the first product, the customer worked with Kerry to bring a second flavour to market, showcasing the combined capabilities of the newly merged brands.

“We won the initial concept by drawing inspiration from a regional recipe we spotted during our trend research. Following this success, we pitched and helped to launch a second regional concept, which has brought additional wins to the company”. 

— Giulia Milan, Kerry Marketing Analyst

The Kerry Difference:

A multi-functional Kerry team was able to create solutions that aligned with the company's new strategy and emerging market trends and helped to differentiate the growing brand in a competitive market. By using Kerry’s supply chain, the brand was able to guarantee consistency and quality.

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