Consumer Insights

What do consumers really want?

Do you wonder what is next for consumers? What are the major issues impacting consumers and their decision-making process?

At Kerry, we dig deep to understand why consumers behave the way they do, understanding the marketplace and the economic and emotional factors impacting their everyday decisions.

Our proprietary megatrends programme is Kerry’s answer to these questions. It is our global collaboration and consumer insights collection process that provides the framework for identifying, understanding, translating and applying the macro-level trends facing consumers in today’s rapidly changing world of food and beverage.

With insight from the widest variety of sources, we have an in-depth understanding of global economic and market drivers, popular cultural and culinary influences and technical innovations that are impacting the way consumers think, how they behave, what they consume and, ultimately, the future of food and beverage.

We dig deep into the cultural mind-set of consumers and showcase how their attitudes and actions influence where the market is going. Leveraging this intelligence, we help customers develop products that delight and nourish.

The following megatrends span the taste and nutrition spectrum and showcase how culture and technology influence the conscious and non-conscious decisions consumers make on a daily basis.

Everything zen

Consumers today are engaging in their personal lives on both a proactive and a reactive basis, especially when it comes to their health. They are demanding products that offer superior taste with added health benefits, including reduced fat, sugar and salt.

This healthy mindset has evolved and will continue to evolve as consumers seek more natural and holistic solutions.


66% of the trends Mintel identify in their Global Food and Drink Report for 2016 relate to health and wellbeing


35% of consumers believe preservatives are harmful to their nutritional health

[CivicScience Insight Report, 2015]

What’s in my food?

The revival of the local farmers market and regional products is only the beginning of a newly discovered consumer desire to return to the basics of life in both food and family.

The consumers of today and tomorrow will actively seek out information on taste and nutrition to inform their buying choices and shape their preferences. They are increasingly aware of and demand to know what goes into their food and beverages; and they are making their buying decisions accordingly.

We work with our partners, suppliers and customers to develop and innovate new and improved products to meet the consumer preference for simpler ingredient decks, increased visibility to and traceability of the sources from which our ingredients are procured.


Everyday luxury

In spite of the economic times, or perhaps because of them, consumers are always looking for new and different ways to indulge and reward themselves without necessarily spending a lot of money. This is a fundamental aspect of human behaviour and these indulgences, whether big or small, continue to be a core driver of consumer spending. 


Customised food and beverage products designed to fit a certain demographic, gender, race, lifestyle and life stage continue to drive innovation and demand. 

Customers rely on Kerry’s expert knowledge and insight, development know-how and innovative manufacturing technology to help tailor products to meet this demand. 


55% of consumers are considering using home grocery delivery in future

Nielsen Global E-commerce and new retail survey, 2015

There’s an app for that 

As lifestyles continue to evolve rapidly, driven by the pace of technology, consumers are demanding greater convenience options from their food and drink choices – while not sacrificing great taste.  We lead the way in helping customers develop more convenient products that deliver the taste and nutrition requirements that fit today’s busy consumer lifestyles, whether at home, work or on the go consumers are looking to be their best wherever and whenever the need arises. 

Crave new world

Kerry understands what drives consumer behaviour.

Consumers are curious people, always looking for something new, something different, something exciting. With a greater desire for more ethnic influences, combined with a more sophisticated palette, today’s consumers are looking for products that not only deliver great flavour, but a unique and rewarding eating experience. They want food they can share and tell stories about. They are demanding bolder, more exciting and unique multi-sensory experiences.

We help customers around the world meet this growing demand by developing new flavours and taste sensations. 

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