10 Insights Shaping Innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry


What our most popular articles from 2019 say about consumer preferences, new technologies and the food industry in 2020

What’s changes will come to the food industry in 2020? If our most viewed articles of 2019 are an indication, you can expect growth in plant-based proteins and coffee as well as flavoured alcohols—from beer to gindairy products and innovative meat offerings. The emerging trends in these categories and beyond are informed by a host of factors including consumer beliefs, governmental regulations such as sugar taxes and social media. (Foodservice, especially, is developing ever more Instagrammable creations.)

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In the coming year, KerryDigest will continue to report on a full range of topics—from taste and technology innovations to new regulations—while also providing simple and actionable education to the industry, such as our popular article on tasting basics. (Let us know if you’d like to suggest a story idea.) You'll also be able to find new research in our resources section and case studies that show how our people and products helped our partners create winning products.

As you continue your food industry planning for 2020, take a look back at the below most read KerryDigest articles of 2019. And, if you haven’t yet, subscribe to our monthly KerryDigest newsletter, Monthly Bites, which delivers a concise recap of the latest developments in food and beverage to your inbox.

2019 Dairy Trends: Understanding the Global Dairy Market

The global dairy market is growing. Here's how consumer preferences are shaping worldwide dairy trends. Read more asiago cheese croquettes

The State of the Global Plant-based Protein Market

Experts comment on the trends, drivers and potential in the plant protein market, including consumer preferences on protein and application type. Read moreplant-protein-market-hero
The 13 Essential Foodservice Trends of 2019

Innovation is underway in the North American foodservice industry. A market research expert shares the foodservice trends behind the biggest product launches of 2019. Read more13-2019-trends

Tasting Basics for Food and Bev Professionals: Become a Better Taster

Developing a taste lexicon is one way to improve your tasting ability. Here, tasting basics from the manager of Kerry’s global flavour library. Read morebetter-taster-unsplash

Key Consumer Beliefs and Attitudes Shaping the Food Industry Right Now

In 2019, six prevailing consumer beliefs are inspiring the food macrotrend we see sweeping the industry. We explore how these values can be turned into product wins. Read more3-trends-hero

Adding Fruit to Beer and Alcohol Products

Consumers want brands to add fruit to more beer and alcohol products. New innovations make juice infusions in alcohol easier to manage and produce. Read morealcohol-fruit-infusion-hero

Sugar Tax Aftermath: Global Changes in Sugar Usage

With dozens of sugar taxes in effect around the world, results are starting to come in, including reformulation efforts that address the broader topic of nutrition. Read morebev-occassions-hero-option-2

3 Key Trends in the Meat Coatings Market

The food coatings business is delivering on clean label demands, including globally-inspired and gluten-free coatings. Read more

Flavoured Gin: Consumer Trends and Production Challenges

As demand for aromatized gins and gin liqueurs grows, beverages scientists and flavourists are tasked with creating unique tastes and process innovations. Read moreflavoured-gin-hero

Coffee Trends Spur Commercial Coffee Innovations

Analyzing emerging coffee trends can help companies predict where there’s a need for coffee innovation and new products. Read morepreparing coffee at espresso machine

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