Nutrition Insights

Defining the nutrition landscape

Consumers are taking a much greater interest in nutrition and re-evaluating their diets. They are paying more attention to the nutritional components as a route to better health. 

This proactive and reactive approach has led to increased demand for food and beverages that are made from natural ingredients or are free from allergens, artificial colours, flavours and other ingredients. Consumers today are seeking products that have recognisable ingredients and contain low or no added sugar, reduced calories, fat and sodium and are free from artificial preservatives.

Our customers have access to Kerry's unique and comprehensive insights into the nutritional needs of consumers around the world – segmented by life stage, cultural and demographic trends, dietary restrictions, health guidelines and physiological need states. Our continued investment in understanding the changing landscape of health and nutrition enables us to better help customers stay ahead of trends driven by new nutritional demands and changing global and economic dynamics.

With our extensive market insight and nutrition expertise, we have defined a nutrition and general wellness landscape that meets the needs of these market drivers and is made up of four key pillars:

  • Free from
  • Better for you
  • Good for you
  • Tailored for you

Our expertise in the area of nutritional science is helping our customers around the world to deliver more innovative and nutritious products.

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