Dairy expertise so real you can taste it

Introducing Inspiring Dairy

Dairy is one of the world’s favourite tastes – and one of its favourite sources of nutrition. Kerry, with over 40 years of dairy experience and world-class food science expertise, is right at the forefront of key new developments in the marketplace.

Only an organisation with Kerry’s deep understanding of the taste, texture and overall experience of dairy can bring real inspiration to the table. The dairy solutions we create are the result of the unique links we’ve forged between our heritage and our knowledge. It’s how Kerry is leading to better in dairy.

Kerry. Leading to better taste, performance and nutrition

Leading to Better Taste

The buttery, creamy, unmistakeable taste of dairy.
At Kerry, we’ve grown up with it and we understand its complexity.

Over the past 40 years, we’ve perfected dairy taste across a wide range of products.

Whether it’s optimising the buttery taste in a crispy croissant, the creamy lingering flavour of a homemade soup or the refreshing tartness of yoghurt, our products have provided solutions for a multiplicity of dairy taste challenges.

Our range of dairy taste solutions could be exactly what you need to deliver the authentic, familiar taste of dairy with the appropriate intensity, duration and aroma that your consumers are seeking.

Our taste technologists will work with you to apply our solutions in your processes, regardless of how simple or complex.

Leading to Better Performance

 Spreadable, pourable, meltable: dairy comes in many formats and is required to serve many purposes. At Kerry, we’ve mastered dairy in all its forms.

If your product requires functionality that supports heat or freeze-thaw stability, emulsion or texture performance or the delivery of body and mouthfeel, we have the expertise and products to meet these needs.

Equally, if your challenge involves reducing the dairy content of a product while maintaining all the best aspects of taste, texture and performance, our dairy technologists and food scientists will work with you to find the best solution for your business and the customers you serve.

Leading to Better Nutrition

As well as being tasty and versatile, dairy is a valuable source of quality nutrition.

However, nutritional needs are complex and can vary. Whether the need is to reduce the consumption of saturated fat or to increase the consumption of protein and other nutrients, Kerry provides the dairy technology solutions that deliver.

We do this in a way that maintains and promotes the best taste and functional aspects of dairy while enabling the clean, clear product labelling that consumers have come to expect.

It’s our dairy heritage and on-going engagement as a primary dairy processor – combined with our taste and nutrition focus and expertise – that enable us to achieve the best dairy solutions for your product.

Taste and Nutrition Expertise

At Kerry, we have hundreds of dairy application experts at 16 centres around the world. They create the dairy solutions that people enjoy and feel better about.

With our leading-edge research in markets and consumer behaviour, and our unparalleled expertise in the science of taste, we help our customers to optimise dairy flavour in their products.

The ingredients in food and their nutritional value are becoming more and more important to consumers. Kerry’s global reach and cutting-edge technology enable us to help our customers to meet the challenges that this poses.

Unique Dairy Heritage

Kerry’s expertise in dairy goes back to its beginnings as an Irish milk processing co-operative, founded in 1972.

Today, Kerry is the leading global taste and nutrition business with more than 100 manufacturing facilities in 35 countries. But we’ve never forgotten our dairy heritage. It’s what enables us to understand and appreciate the complexity of dairy – how it performs and how it's enjoyed in different environments and applications.

The flexibility and versatility of dairy make it the perfect food to innovate and create with – in beverages, yoghurts, cheeses, bakery, ice creams and a variety of other applications. Again and again, dairy provides the means to bring nutrition, flavours, textures and, indeed, entire meals, together.

Over the years, we have created a range of products to suit the most complex and demanding manufacturing processes and the most novel consumption requirements, providing the foundation for improved taste, functionality and nutritional value in a wide variety of applications.

Dairy Products

We understand the problems you face in satisfying consumers’ nutrition needs while still meeting their taste expectations. We can help solve those problems and bring your innovation to life with our robust portfolio of dairy taste and nutrition products.

Dairy Taste

Kerry’s dairy taste solutions can be calibrated to your needs and include flavours derived from natural dairy – facilitating clean, clear product labeling. Our dairy taste solutions include a variety of:
Milk flavours

  • Cream flavours
  • Cheese flavours
  • Butter flavours
  • Cultured flavours

Dried Dairy

Our dried dairy products can be tailored to suit your manufacturing requirements and consumer needs. Products include:

  • Dried cheese
  • Dried butter
  • Dried cream
  • Dried cultured dairy
  • Dried dairy seasonings

Natural Cheese

Kerry’s cheese products are a favourite of consumers globally. Available natural cheese formats include:

  • Block cheese
  • Club cheese
  • Diced, shredded & sliced cheese
  • Sachet cheese

Dairy Proteins

Kerry’s dairy proteins are characterised by excellent organoleptic properties and have clean milk flavour and texture. Products include:

  • Milk protein isolates
  • Functional milk proteins
  • Milk protein concentrates
  • Casein
  • Whey

Delivering the Best for Dairy Applications

Kerry’s dairy portfolio provides exceptional taste, nutrition and performance across a variety of end uses, but our offering for dairy applications spans beyond just our dairy portfolio.
  • Citrus & other fruit flavours
  • Cocoa, vanilla & other sweet flavours
  • Coffee flavours
  • Taste modulators
  • Sweet sauces, fillings & variegates
  • Compound coatings
  • Sweet particulates, baked dough & other inclusions
  • Customised cereal components
  • Cultures
  • Enzymes
  • Specialty proteins & starches
  • Emulsifiers & texturants
  • Natural fermentates
  • Prebiotic solutions
  • Natural preservation systems

If you work with dairy in your recipes, you’ll want to talk to Kerry. Through our Inspiring Dairy platform and our industry-leading Taste and Nutrition expertise we can help your organisation to improve, innovate and grow.