Our Top 5 predictions for the Future of Food


Tuesday 21 November, 2017

The world of food and beverage is changing and evolving at a rapid rate and this year’s Food Matters Live (FML) exhibition will showcase many of these developments.


The world of food and beverage is changing and evolving at a rapid rate and this year’s Food Matters Live (FML) exhibition will showcase many of these developments. From fad diets to meat-free, we are seeing fundamental changes in consumption patterns and at a structural level within the food industry itself. Here we highlight the top 5 predictions made by Kerry Taste & Nutrition in advance of the FML conference.


Artisanal to Scalable

Cottage manufacturers and niche brands are winning with the application of artisanal production processes because they deliver trust, taste and nutrition on terms that consumers value. Naturally, large-scale food producers want to join in their success and exhibitors will be showcasing how artisanal techniques can be scaled to supply large-scale market needs. 

Alternative Abundance

Resource contraints require us to explore alternative means for the sustainable supply of future food needs. We need to innovate beyond the soil, into the sky and the sea. Ingredients producers are developing methods to allow them to use plant proteins to create delicious alternatives to meat. If you do attend FML you will have an opportunity to find out what’s next on the agenda for alternative abundance.

Authentic Technology

Technology is embraced in daily life, but people sometimes fear the concept of ‘food science’. By effectively communicating the processes involved in food production, such as fermentation or distillation, consumers can be helped to overcome a fear of the unknown. Experts will be on hand at FML to inform us all about how we can deliver the delicious taste of more, using processing techniques based on traditional methods.

Personalised Nutrition

Nutritional needs change, both through the day and through our lives and they are unique for every individual, especially when it comes to sports performance. The requirements for fuel and how these fuels are metabolised by body will also vary throughout our lives. This is a fascinating area and we expect to see growth as we learn how to address specific nutritional requirements and how this can be tailored for day-part or life stage.


Holistic Reformulation
Many of the foods and beverages we consume have a sugar, salt or fat content which is not conducive to a balanced diet. As Public Health England have stated, “Sugar reformulation was a vital first step under the childhood obesity programme, however, over consumption of calories will continue to have a detrimental effect on the health of our children without further action”. There is a need for the holistic reformulation of foods and beverages, to reduce excess salt, sugar and fat content. The drive to respond to these public health issues is well under way and expected to accelerate considerably in the next 12 months as producers seek to deliver healthier, more nutritious foods for the nation.


To learn more about any of the future of food, click here or visit Kerry Taste & Nutrition at Food Matters Live 2017 on stand 104.