When you need to overcome product obstacles—such as texture, flavor
or shelf life—our functional ingredients offer cost-effective solutions.

The building blocks of great-tasting food

Kerry's range of specialty functional ingredients provide customized solutions that enhance taste and nutrition. We have a fundamental understanding of ingredient functionality and unmatched processing capabilities.

Our range includes:

  • clean label solutions for fresh keeping
  • functional proteins
  • specialty enzymes
  • emulsifiers and texturants

The entire spectrum of food and beverages can benefit from these solutions.

We have products to help you overcome functional challenges related to:

  • labeling
  • flavor
  • texture
  • shelf life
  • regulatory requirements

Explore our range of Functional Ingredients:

Emulsifiers and Texturants

We have an extensive range of emulsifiers and texturants - designed to enhance the sensory qualities of food and beverage.

Emulsifiers and Texturants

Proteins - Taste and Texture

Our range of quality functional proteins improves the taste and texture of many products.

Proteins - Taste and Texture

Food Protection and Fermenation

Over the past 40 years, we've developed a unique portfolio of clean label ingredients.

Food Protection and Fermentation

Speciality Enzymes

Our portfolio of speciality enzymes offers creative, cost-effective solutions for food and beverage manufacturers.

Speciality Enzymes