Emulsifiers and Texturants

Mouthfeel matters. Whether you want to reduce fat in an ice cream or improve the texture of a soup, we can help.

Provide texture, improve mouthfeel and enhance shelf life and freshness of your food and beverages

Kerry's solutions can help you respond to changing consumer demands such as the drive to remove gelatin in foods for clean label, religious or dietary reasons. We have the portfolio and expertise to help you deliver products that exceed consumer expectations across many applications including:


  • ice cream, sorbets, sherbets, frozen yogurt, yogurts, dairy, non-dairy desserts
  • beverages, milk beverages, dairy beverages, yogurt beverages
  • dressings, mayonnaise, sauce, peanut butter
  • chocolate, chewing gum, chewy candy, toffees, marshmallows, jellies
  • bread, cakes, cookies, crackers, fillings, doughnuts, bread improvers, cake mixes
  • noodles, pasta, fabricated chips
  • shortenings, margarines, dairy and non-dairy toppings, fillings, creams
  • meats, hams, pate
  • pet food


Kerry’s range of emulsifiers are designed to improve processing characteristics and enhance the appetite, appeal and sensory qualities of products from bread, doughnuts and cakes to margarines, puddings and whipped toppings.


Myverol™ monoglycerides exhibit a wide range of functionalities and offer capabilities that are unique among emulsifiers. It is produced from the reaction of carefully selected fats and oils with glycerol, followed by molecular distillation.


  • starch complexing in baked goods, pastas and cereals
  • emulsification and stability in margarine, spreads and low or very low-fat spreads
  • emulsification of non-dairy creams
  • aeration in whipped topping, non-dairy creams and cakes
  • lubrication in extruded foods
  • defoaming in pudding and jams
  • oil stabilization in peanut butter and halawas

Admul™ Datem

The Admul™ Datem range of emulsifiers imparts added tolerance to dough, and improves volume and texture in bread products. Specific products within the range are optimized for performance in specific bread and manufacturing environments. They provide a crispy crust, which is useful in the production of German rolls and pizza bases.

Admul Datem also provides whitening and emulsification to coffee and tea creamers. It stabilizes soup emulsion during the sterilization process and greatly improves the mouthfeel of low fat biscuits.


  • dough tolerance
  • dough rheology
  • bread volume
  • emulsification

Admul™ Emulsponge

Admul™ Emulsponge allows an ‘all-in’ production method. It improves aeration, moistness and texture of baked products. It offers great performance in sponge cake, Genoise and Swiss rolls.


  • convenience aeration
  • texture

Admul™ GLP

Admul™ GLP (glycerol lacto-palmitate esters) provides improved process tolerance and structural consistency for manufacturers of aerated desserts whipping creams, and toppings.

Admul GLP supports fat reduction in ice creams and gelatin replacement in mousse and aerated desserts. It enhances the aerating capability of mono and diglycerides, making it ideal for use in conjunction with Myverol and Admul MG. Together, they improve aeration, ensuring the formation and maintenance of regular, stable air cells in toppings.


  • aeration
  • gelatine replacement
  • fat reduction

Admul™ MG

Admul™ MG is a complete range of mono and digylcerides, the most widely used emulsifiers in the food industry. The Admul MG range delivers powerful functionality to meet a wide variety of food manufacturing needs, particularly for baked goods, ice creams, chewing gum, desserts, margarines and other spreads.


  • texture
  • emulsification
  • process tolerance

Admul™ PGE

Admul™ PGE (polyglycerol esters) is an essential component in home cake mix formulations and in manufacturing high-quality cakes and sponges. It enhances aeration for increased volume and improved crumb structure. It is an ideal emulsifier to prepare shelf life stable cake gel. Its exceptional whipping properties ensure stable blends in the production of fillings and icing and provides the creamy mouthfeel consumers prefer.


  • batter and cream aeration
  • crumb texture improvement

Admul™ SSL

Admul™ SSL (stearoyl lactylate esters) provides fresh-keeping properties and outstanding bread softness, combined with volume increase. It makes doughs more tolerant to processing. It is used in powdered bread improvers, dough conditioning products and creamers, including non-dairy creamers, thanks to its outstanding emulsification properties.


  • softness
  • volume emulsification

Admul™ S

Admul™ S (sorbitan esters) is used for its high performance in modifying fat crystalization. Its main application is chocolate applications where it prevents bloom formation.


  • crystalisation control
  • cocoa replacement

Admul™ T

Admul™ T (polysorbate esters) is an excellent emulsifier for oil-in-water emulsions. It supports the development of non-dairy creams, where it provides superior emulsification and aeration, even in the absence of caseinates. The Admul T range is the most hydrophilic emulsifier in Kerry’s portfolio. It also offers creaminess and texture improvement in ice cream.


  • emulsification
  • aeration

Admul™ WOL

Admul™ WOL (polyglycerol polyricinoleates) has the ability to reduce the yield value of chocolate and couverture, enabling products to be manufactured using lower levers of fat without sacrificing high-quality characteristics. With Admul WOL, you can reduce the fat content of a low-fat spread to 20%.


  • fat reduction
  • viscosity control
  • texture


The Myvacet™ range of acetoglycerides provides unique properties in a variety of food manufacturing applications, including:

  • plasticising and softening for chewing gum and other confectionery products
  • extensibility for bubble gum
  • stabilization for long-term aeration of whipped toppings
  • Anti-dusting for use in powdered food product and mixes
  • defoaming for use in bottling operations, jams, jellies and puddings
  • film- forming for coating nuts, dried fruits and sausages
  • lubrication for molding, slicing, stamping and forming operations

All Myvacet products are fat soluble and usually incorporated into food in the fat / hydrophobic phase.


  • anti-dusting
  • lubrication
  • plasticisation

Myverol™ P

Myverol™ P (propylene glycol esters) products enhance aeration in whipped cake in its pre-activated form. The aeration properties are also relevant for aerated desserts and whipping creams. Myverol P products are ideal for use in shortened cake due to their great fat solubility and film-forming properties.


  • aeration
  • texture
  • tenderness

Myverol™ SMG

Myverol™ SMG (succinylated monoglyceride esters) provides dough with greater water absorption capacity, improved machinability and outstanding shock tolerance in bread. Myverol SMG is also an effective emulsifier for use in dairy beverages, milk coffee drinks and non-dairy creamer.


  • improved texture and volume in bread
  • improved shelf life in bread
  • emulsification and stabilization of dairy drinks


Carrageenan belongs to a group of ingredients often referred to as hydrocolloids, natural polysaccharides derived from red seaweed. As the name implies, these ingredients impart texture to food by controlling the way water is held in the food matrix.

We have developed a range of products based on carrageenan.

Deltagel™ CE for meats

Deltagel™ CE is an exciting range of carrageenan products, which provide both excellent functionality and cost effectiveness. It is used in cooked hams and poultry, as well as comminuted meats, such as sausages and hamburgers, to optimize yield and eating quality.


  • cook yield
  • purge control
  • slice-ability
  • juiciness
  • firmness
  • texture enhancer

Deltagel™ CE1364 and Deltagel™ 1474 for soups and sauces

Deltagel™ products provide excellent functionality in soups, sauces, and dressings. Deltagel CE1364 keeps particles in suspension, preventing them from settling out in the final product. It can be used in cream-style dressings, dips, ketchup and other cold-consumed, pourable products.


  • creaminess
  • thickness
  • mouthfeel
  • particle suspension

Deltagel CD2005 for pet food

Deltagel CD2005 is very effective at providing form and homogeneous texture to meat-based pet foods at low concentrations. It is a natural binder and stabilizes canned pet-food products in various forms such as chunks-in-jelly, gravies, loaves and blends with human grade ingredients in gourmet meals, snacks, treats and biscuits.


  • flexibility in use in both wet and dry form
  • influences product appeal and user preference
  • adds richness in the gravy
  • aides easy un-molding from the can


Whirlfloc™ is a purified form of high molecular weight carrageenan extracted from red marine algae and manufactured exclusively for use as a wort fining agent. It accelerates the formation of dense and compact hot and cold trub, saving time, boosting wort recovery and resulting in considerably brighter worts.


  • increases wort recovery
  • gives a considerably brighter wort
  • improves beer filtration and stability
  • available in powder and tablet forms

Gum acacia

Gum acacia is the dried, natural exudate of the acacia tree and is an established additive (ingredient: FDA-GRAS / E414). It is 100% of plant origin and is fully soluble in water.


EmulGold™ fiber

Kerry is a leading producer of gum acacia. Our EmulGold™ fiber range includes a variety of different grades to suit your wide-ranging needs. It can be used in confectionery, beverages and as a soluble fiber (in beverages and other applications).


  • low caloric value and no sugar
  • well tolerated at intake levels as high as 40g/day
  • acid and heat stable
  • tooth friendly - no cariogenic effect
  • light color, tasteless, non-hygroscopic and low viscosity powder
  • instant solubility in hot and cold water
  • high degree of functionality in food and beverage applications
  • non-GMO and organic available


Kerry offers a variety of gum acacia at different grades for stabilization of flavor, color and cloud emulsions for beverages. These include:

  • KLTA-AMF™, a standard grade gum acacia used at 15-20% in concentrated emulsions
  • KLTA-AHF, a premium grade gum acacia specifically developed by Kerry for challenging systems
  • KLTA-UHF™, our highest grade gum acacia developed using innovative and proprietary technology


  • reduced usage level (5-8%) compared to standard gum acacia, while maintaining performance
  • reduced cost in use vs. standard gum acacia
  • increased production capacity and reduced energy cost
  • reduced warehousing space and transportation cost
  • reduced impact on microbiological contamination
  • tooth friendly – no cariogenic effect
  • instant solubility in cold or hot water
  • natural, non-GMO

Texture systems

Kerry’s texture systems are carefully developed blends of emulsifiers, hydrocolloids and specifically selected functional ingredients formulated to deliver various functionalities in application. Our application experts can offer advice on ingredient combinations for your specific needs, drawing on our industry-leading product portfolio.


Our Sherex™ systems are specially formulated products based on a combination of texturizing ingredients, including hydrocolloids, stabilizers, thickeners and emulsifiers.

They are suitable for use in a wide range of dairy and non-dairy applications including:

  • beverages, e.g. milkshakes, recombined and UHT milks, acidified beverages, milk tea, milk coffee, powdered beverages
  • ice cream, e.g. bulk ice cream, soft serve ice cream, molded ice cream, powdered ice cream mixes, water ice, sorbets, sherbets
  • yogurt, e.g. yogurt drinks, ambient yogurt, chilled yogurt
  • aerated desserts, mousses, meringue, cream cheese
  • dairy and non-dairy whipped toppings, whipping creams, cooking creams, UHT, retort creams
  • confectionery, e.g. marshmallows, jellies
  • dressings, savory sauces, mayonnaise
  • fruit preparations, sweet sauces


  • enhanced mouthfeel and creaminess
  • increased viscosity and gelling
  • stability during processing, shelf-life and application
  • controlled meltdown
  • chewiness and firmness
  • aeration
  • creaminess in low fat products
  • gelatin replacement
  • integrated flavor delivery


Kerry’s Myvatex™ range has been designed to deliver the best results across a range of texturizing needs such as:

  • bakery, breads and cakes
  • margarines, shortenings, peanut butter and other spreads

The Myvatex range is always expanding as we make new findings. Our research focuses on low fat, low trans fatty acids, non-GMO, freshness, texture control and convenience.


  • texture and mouthfeel
  • aeration
  • tolerance
  • spread-ability
  • anti-spattering