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Learn how consumers are befriending fat.

Consumers are beginning to reject low-fat diets as they become better informed of the health benefits of certain fats and oils.1 The need for products that meet this demand is growing fast.


Food with new purpose

A majority of consumers use food to help lower risk of chronic conditions such as obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.2

Fat: from foe to friend

Consumers that agree certain fats and oils are important to healthy eating.3

Nutritional beverages for health

Percentage of consumers that agree nutritional and performance drinks help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nutritional beverages are an effective way to provide consumers with the healthy fats they demand.

Fat is the New Black eBook

While once considered taboo, experts now recognize that certain fats play a role in the prevention of chronic diseases they were once associated with. In the eBook “Fat is the New Black,” you’ll discover:
What are healthy fats?
Why is fat important?
The history of fat
Challenges for formulating with healthy fats

What's new?

Consumers are becoming more aware of the nutritional benefits of healthy fats and are looking to include them in their diet. NutriVie™ from Kerry is a range of nutritional lipids that will help you create the beverages your consumers want. NutriVie™ provides the specified fatty acid profile and longer shelf life you need - without the use of unwelcome additives. So consumers get the clean label solutions they want.

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Kerry has over 30 years of nutritional lipid powder development and manufacturing expertise. Partner with us to develop the nutritious products that will optimize your brand's portfolio. We will help you deliver beverages created from trusted and natural sources that consumers will love.


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