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New Opportunities for the Foodservice Industry

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A Growth Opportunity for All

  • Improvement in quality of food delivered could result in four additional orders placed per month – equivalent of an additional $133 per month
  • 43% of consumers believe it’s the restaurant’s fault when third party delivery services fall short

The Future of Foodservice Insights

  • Deliver on sensory expectations 
  • Boost check size with menu differentiation 
  • Win by catering to new dayparts 
  • Target the ideal delivery consumer
  • 66% of consumers would order more delivery if they were offered restaurant quality food 

Changing Consumer Priorities

Delivery plays a dual role by making consumers’ lives easier and also satisfying their cravings for special treats and new menu items.

  • 57% of consumers order delivery to treat themselves
  • 52% of consumers order delivery to avoid the hassle of picking it up

Innovate delicious. Transform authentic. Create a better out-of-home dining experience.

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