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World-class, food-inspired savory portfolio from Kerry

Today’s consumer is looking for ways to create and enjoy authentic, delicious meals. Consumers want real foods that deliver authentic savory taste experiences.

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Authentic and believable

Today it's all about authenticity and a believable food experience. Consumers are looking for the next level of flavor, across a range of labeling requirements.


Ethnic and local

Consumers are looking for new experiences - and increasingly willing to try ethnic and regional cuisines. Today’s well-travelled consumers know what authentic local food should taste like. Overall, the trend is towards bolder flavors - more savory, more memorable.


The taste of time

With today’s fast-paced, busy lifestyles, delicious slow-cooked taste experiences are increasingly in demand. The taste of time has never been so popular.

Discover more with Kerry Chefs

In the search for the gold-standard in taste experiences, our chefs never stop developing and improving their understanding of food. Why not see for yourself? Download these four new recipes, fresh from our Kerry chefs' kitchens.

Inspired by Food, but Rooted in Expertise

A succulent roast chicken. A slow-cooked leg of lamb. There it is, the delicious taste of savory! Like magic, it can transport you to another time and place. To a moment you thought you'd forgotten, that perfect dinner from your childhood, perhaps. And when all the flavor you'd been wishing for is delivered, well, taste can fulfill hopes as well. 

It's this - the whole wonderful experience of food - that inspires Kerry's flavor portfolio. We've built it with a genuine understanding of how taste is created and remembered. 

That's because we believe that today's manufacturing realities do not have to come between your customers and their experiences of food: you can meet the processing challenges of the industry while delivering best-in-class tastes.

With the help of our flavor portfolio, your consumers can once again enjoy the taste of food the way they remember it - and the emotions that go with it.