Social Media's Impact on Key 2019 Foodservice Trends


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Introducing a social media listening study from Kerry

Bowl of kimchi

Four Foodservice Trends-to-Watch in 2019

Through social media listening tools, we identified four foodservice trends-to-watch in 2019: healthy fats, fermented foods and drinks, bitter ingredients and crafted beverages.

Smartphone taking a picture of salad and kombucha lunch

Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest Posts

Analysis of total Twitter mentions, unique authors, and key social media activity from November 1, 2018 through February 12, 2019.

Girl sampling refreshing beverages from bubblers

Tracked Geotagged Mentions of Trends

Based on tracked geotagged mentions, we mapped out where each trend is talked about most frequently throughout the United States.

Develop and validate new menu innovation with foodservice trends adopted by consumers.

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