Total support for beverage challenges

As demand increases to provide consumers with delicious and experiential beverages, we’re creating effective product solutions that bring innovation and convenience together.

Our systems for hot, cold and frozen beverages are offered as branded or customised solutions in liquid or dry format, depending on the final product application and the needs of the customer.

Kerry’s scale means we can provide ways to reduce complexity for our customers by combining technologies and reducing supply chain or manufacturing difficulties.

We offer insights and solutions across a range of markets such as food service, vending and retail; in response to different consumer needs such as indulgence, health and refreshment and within a multitude of product categories such as coffee, chocolate, smoothies and dairy.

Innovation in the hot beverage category has never been so important. 

The changing dynamics in both in-home and out-of-home beverage consumption, and a demand for a superior quality and experience, leads us to deliver coffee, tea, chocolate and other hot beverages that deliver on taste and nutrition.

Our systems are designed with functionality in mind to be used with equipment in food service, vending and in-home. Our range spans branded syrups as an accompaniment for hot beverages, through to complete customised beverage solutions. Using our extensive range of ingredients, we can meet requirements for taste, functionality, clean label and value.

Our portfolio includes:

  • syrups and sauces
  • coffee mixes
  • toppings and creamers
  • chocolate mixes
  • dairy alternatives

Demand in our cold beverage category is accelerating rapidly as food service outlets respond to the need for a cold beverage menu that delivers thirst-quenching refreshment.

We work with customers to develop a menu offering across lemonades, fruit, dairy and nutritional beverages, using branded or customised product solutions. Our beverage applications experts can create a proposition that meets the needs of your consumers for taste, nutrition, innovation and value, while also considering the functionality and ease of preparation needed to perform successfully in a busy, machine-enabled food service environment.

Our portfolio includes:

  • lemonade bases
  • smoothie mixes
  • fruit purees
  • nutritional beverage mixes
  • milkshake bases

Frozen beverage has become a phenomenon in the food service industry as consumers demand new, multi-sensorial experiences throughout the day. 

We continuously develop exciting flavour combinations to delight consumers using our extensive taste and nutrition technologies.

Made with superior quality ingredients, our branded and customised solutions offer frozen beverage systems that deliver on trends for refreshment, indulgence and nutrition.

We test our products extensively with a wide range of blended-ice equipment and support our customers with recommendations for optimising their profitability through efficient beverage preparation.

Our portfolio includes:

  • frappé bases
  • lemonade bases
  • fruit purees
  • toppings and creamers
  • dairy bases