Sweet indulgences, topped by Kerry

When it comes to sweet products and ingredients, our portfolio offers the industry’s most innovative, all-inclusive selection.

We have a wealth of possibilities: including confections, coated sweets, chocolate, baked and dough products, particulates, flavour bases, fillings and variegates.

Quality global manufacturers come straight to Kerry to source sweet products that add decadent authentic taste combinations, enhance novelty indulgence, deliver on texture and mouthfeel, visual impact, and add the finishing touch to products. Plus, the consistency, reliability and variety of Kerry technologies means we have a breadth and depth of offering which is second to none.

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Confectionery. A large pile of chocolates.


Sweet snacks need freshness and vibrant tastes, creating multi-sensorial experiences that satisfy consumers’ need for pleasure and indulgence. See what Kerry’s team is working on in Confectionery.
Bakery solutions. A pile of waffles covered in ice cream, fruit and chocolate sauce.


Our bakery team helps customers design the bakery solution that fits their needs. From clean label to premium taste to enhanced nutrition, we team up with customers to meet the biggest challenges the bakery industry faces.
Ice cream and desserts. A bowl containing a variety of ice cream flavours.

Ice Cream and Desserts

Palates are adventurous when it comes to ice cream and desserts. We work closely with our customers, partnering on textures, flavours, ingredients, dairy systems, bases and inclusions, pushing the boundaries and exploring what's next in ice cream and treats.

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