Nutritional and Functional Ingredients

The science of great-tasting food

Creating food that tastes good and makes people feel better - that’s what Kerry is all about. Behind every delicious sip and mouthful is a wealth of scientific research and innovation.

Achieve success in the targeted nutrition market with our portfolio of proteins, bioactives, nutritional lipids and more. When you’re faced with challenges around taste, texture, appearance and shelf life, we have the answer in our functional ingredients.

Our technological and scientific expertise means we can deliver exactly what’s in demand while allowing you to manage resources efficiently. Working in partnership with Kerry means being part of a culture of creativity and innovation.

Nutritional Ingredients

A boost to food and beverages


We want to help our customers create better-tasting, more nutritious foods and beverages. Our scientists work closely with our applications and technology experts to deliver great-tasting, balanced nutritional products.

We focus on every life stage and health need – from infants to seniors. Our product portfolio includes specialised proteins, nutritional lipids, prebiotics and probiotics, and bioactives. We have the know-how to put these products to good use.


Kerry has vast experience in proteins and protein processing. Our proteins can be used to enhance nutrient content and are ideal for nutrition and general wellness foods and beverages, from infant formulas to high-protein bars.

Nutritional lipids

The NutriVie range addresses needs across all life stages including growth and development, and contributes to the prevention and management of chronic disease. Available in a range of concentrated nutritional oil powders and bases, our range is designed to meet specific dietary, nutritional and regulatory requirements – and can be fully customised by lipid source, nutritional specification, labelling and functionality.

Prebiotic and probiotic

Our range of prebiotic and probiotic products includes EmulGold Fibre™, a natural, GMO-free source of soluble dietary fibre that has a prebiotic effect. It is ideal for use in a range of applications from bars to beverages.

Profile GOS™ is a prebiotic soluble fibre that supports healthy functioning of the gut. It is ideal for infant and growing up milk.


Profile™ Demineralised Whey and Premia™ SMP are key dairy products from Kerry. Dairy has been at the heart of Kerry’s business since 1972. We can provide you with high-quality dairy solutions that are safe and meet consumer needs, while complying with regulatory requirements.

Functional Ingredients

Clean label


Consumer demand for simpler, more natural ingredients has inspired us to develop our portfolio of clean label, fermentation-derived ingredients and flavours. We can reassure consumers that the ingredients on the label are natural components of food.

Our knowledge of fermentation, live cell cultures and metabolites makes us the perfect partner for success. Our research scientists and microbiologists leverage an in-house cell culture bank, computerised bench scale fermenters, and pilot scale fermentation equipment. These natural ingredients are delivered through Kerry’s world-class fermentation manufacturing facility in Rochester, Minnesota, USA which is certified under the Global Food Safety Initiative standards.

Functional proteins

Kerry’s functional proteins can enhance a range of food products - including bakery, sorbets, nutritional beverages, snack bars and aerated sugar confectionery – by improving the aeration, emulsification, mouthfeel and viscosity. Examples include our egg-white replacement products for use in confectionery applications. Options are available to meet your specific labelling requirements on kosher, halal, non-animal or allergen.


Kerry’s portfolio of speciality enzymes offers creative, practical and cost-effective solutions for food and beverage manufacturers – during processing and in the final product. At Kerry, we produce enzymes using yeast, bacteria or fungal strains in a microbial fermentation process or by extraction from plant sources. Our application expertise means we can help you develop a wide range of products for different markets – including beverage, confectionery, dairy, meat, culinary, and human and animal nutrition.

Emulsifiers and texturants

Kerry offers a wide range of emulsifiers, multifunctional stabilisers, protein specialities and texture systems designed to enhance the sensory qualities of a variety of products – including ice cream, baked goods, chewing gum, drinks, and cooked meats. Our emulsifiers and texturant ingredients are manufactured at numerous state-of-the-art facilities worldwide, which means we can be close to where you operate, and maintain close links with local markets.