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As your strategic convenience retail solutions partner, you can count on us for unparalleled resources,
formulation expertise and manufacturing skills.

Leading to better convenience solutions

Kerry Convenience Retail Solutions proudly offers a wide variety of products and services designed just for convenience retailers. Our team of convenience specialists can supply readymade products, custom co-branding opportunities, merchandising insight and expertise and even equipment recommendations for running your business. Our convenience solutions are fueled by cutting-edge beverage and food technology, in-depth channel experience, detailed consumer insights and an intimate knowledge of our customers’ business needs.

Explore Kerry Convenience Retail Solutions:

Hot Dispensed Beverages

We offer core product solutions, classic favourites, and unique premium blends to satisfy even your
choosiest customers.

Choose from our range of:

  • Cappuccinos, cocoas and specialty coffees
  • Co-branded beverages from nationally recognised brands
  • Unique, popular, seasonal and regional limited-time offers (LTOs)
  • Demographic-driven flavour profiles
  • Better-for-you flavour profiles
  • Syrups – premium customisation

Our most popular core product solutions:

  • French vanilla cappuccino
  • High-energy mocha
  • Hot chocolate
  • Caramel macchiato
  • English toffee cappuccino

Hot Disp Bev SEctionFavorites from our limited time offer line:

  • Pumpkin spice latte
  • Caramel brownie cocoa
  • White chocolate raspberry cappuccino
  • Cinnamon churro cappuccino
  • Hazelnut macchiato

Choices from our ethnic category of products:

  • Mexican hot chocolate
  • Tres leches cappuccino
  • Arroz con leche
  • Cinnamon churro
  • Dulce de leche

Cold Dispensed Beverages

Partner with us for top trending flavor selections, data driven planograms and uniquely engineered product formats to drive sales for your locations.

Our options include:

  • Premium iced lattes including french vanilla and mocha
  • Yellowbird® premium lemonades including original, strawberry and mango
  • Hydralive™ coolers including hibiscus berry, citrus melon, lemon lime and cherry pomegranate
  • Aquas frescas including pina, melon, limonada, watermelon, mango and guanabana
  • Pure (clean label, better-for-you) drinks including lemonade, tea w/ lemon, strawberry, watermelon and tropical punch

Frozen Dispensed Beverages

Add excitement to your location with innovative, high-impact flavors in on-trend frozen fruit, cream and coffee options.

Flavour options—which are generally available in powder and liquid formats—include:

  • Frozen uncarbonated (FUB) and frozen carbonated (FCB) fruit flavours
  • Frozen fruit flavours infused with juice
  • Frozen teas and lemonades
  • Frozen coffees and hot chocolates
  • Frozen better-for-you flavours
  • Demographic-driven flavours

Some of our popular fruit flavours:

  • Black cherry
  • Blue raspberry
  • Pina colada
  • Strawberry banana
  • Lemonade

Choices from our frappé line:

  • Hot chocolate
  • French vanilla
  • Salted caramel
  • Mocha

Original Popular options in our ethnic product line:

  • Tamarind
  • Horchata
  • Cajeta
  • Jamaica
  • Sandia limon

Made-to-order Beverages

Partner with Kerry Convenience for limitless flavour opportunities with the help of our made-to-order (MTO) ideation expertise. Let us put our insight, research and testing to work to help you differentiate your business with custom beverage offerings.

We’re available to help with many categories, including:

  • Frappé bases, yoghurt bases and limited time offer (LTO) flavour selections
  • Syrups, including DaVinci Classics, Sugar Free and Fruit Innovations
  • Protein, energy and wellness drinks
  • Protein meal replacement solutions
  • Kidz Kreamz
  • Fruit purees for frozen blend-in-cup machines
  • Island Oasis

Co-branded Products

Team up with Kerry Convenience, Hershey’s, Mondelēz and other nationally recognized brands for a big win in your stores.

Options include:

  • Co-branded cocoas
  • Co-branded cappuccinos
  • Co-branded frozen dispensed beverages

Prepared and Made-to-Order Foods

Make your menu stand out with a wide variety of mouthwatering options. Whether your customers crave sweet or spicy, saucy or crispy, or indulgent or healthy, we’ll help you bring good taste to your foodservice business.

Some of our most popular offerings include:

  • Golden Dipt™ easy-to-use coatings and griddle/bakery mixes
  • Golden Ladle™ soups and sauces
  • Quick culinary for premium customisation
  • Bakery solutions for breads, griddles, donuts, muffins, biscuits and specialty product mixes
  • Frozen yoghurt
  • Signature meats
  • Meals on-the-go

More ways Kerry Convenience can partner

Private Label Product Solution
Designed to exceed national brand attributes and expand brand equity, Kerry Convenience’s private label products capture sales, category market share and penny profit advantages. 

We offer products including:

  • Packaged beverages for the cold vault
  • Take-home beverage products including cappuccinos, cocoas and coffee sticks
  • Make your baked items taste great, look amazing, last longer, remain soft with our extensive ingredient portfolio

Foodservice Brands
Customers can also leverage our brand portfolio of finished products to create innovative menu solutions that will delight your consumers.
Equipment Partner, Merchandising and Product Ordering
Partner with the Kerry Convenience team for innovative, effective equipment and merchandising solutions to increase traffic and sales in your locations.  

Select the perfect product ordering method for your business from various options designed to deliver product and convenience. Possibilities include direct and Dot Foods, among others.

Empower your decision making by joining our data-driven team of dedicated marketing, development, manufacturing and customer support professionals for unparalleled customisation and execution at convenience retail.

Gain access to our Global Technology & Innovation Centers and Regional Development & Application Centers, housing 800 highly skilled food scientists, nutritionists, chefs and baristas to provide cutting-edge solutions for your business at unrivalled speed to market.  

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