Trust and Transparency

We have a unique portfolio of clean label, fermentation-derived ingredients and flavours. They help deliver fresh taste over the shelf life of food and beverages. These natural components for fresh keeping enable you to apply a clean label with simple ingredients.

We do this through our three brands:

  • UpGrade™ for bakery applications
  • Accel™ for natural cure meat
  • DuraFresh™ for meat, sauces, dairy and beverage applications

Why choose Kerry as your trusted partner?

We have more than 40 years of fermentation, live cell culture and metabolites knowledge. Our research scientists and microbiologists have advanced facilities at their disposal. We have an in-house cell culture bank, computerised bench scale fermenters and pilot scale fermentation equipment.

We own the entire manufacturing process, from starter and seed culture development, though to the finished ingredient. We have a deep understanding of food fermentation technology and lactic acid bacteria functionality and capability.

Our world-class fermentation processing facility located in Rochester, Minnesota meets the following certifications:

  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards
  • USDA Grade A Dairy
  • Halal certified
  • Kosher certified
  • Organic certified
  • Non-GMO

How we collaborate with you

We have designed fresh keeping, clean label solutions for that are specific for various applications, such as:

Our scientists work with customers in state-of-the-art laboratories to develop solutions that suit their specific requirements.


Accel™ is a cultured celery product that provides a natural cure that maintains fresh taste over the shelf life of meat products.


  • superior taste and texture
  • comparable colour, flavour and freshness to those meats cured with chemical nitrates
  • clean label—celery is a recognised and consumer friendly ingredient
  • easily applied
  • available in powder format
  • patent pending USPTO 20080305213



Durafresh™ is a portfolio of natural clean label ingredients that deliver fresh taste over the shelf life of meat, dairy, soup and sauce products.

Durafresh contains organic acids and peptides that improve product quality by maintaining fresh taste and enhancing flavour. It is primarily a replacement for chemical preservatives such as sorbate and benzoate.


  • clean label, natural alternative to sorbates and lactates
  • supports a ‘no artificial preservative’ claim
  • effective against yeast, mould, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • standardised to provide consistent efficacy
  • enhances and complements flavour profiles in savoury applications
  • tolerates heat treatment and all types of processing equipment
  • available in dairy (grade A), allergen free and gluten free formats


UpGrade™ – clean label fresh keeping for bakery products

UpGrade™ is a naturally derived fermented ingredient consisting of a unique blend of organic acids. It improves product quality by inhibiting mould growth in bakery applications.

UpGrade is used to replace chemical preservatives such as calcium propionate. It is a clean label ingredient that can be applied to all yeast-raised and chemically leavened bread products.


  • clean label, natural alternative to calcium propionate and chemical preservatives
  • inhibits mould growth in bakery items
  • excellent sensory profile that complements flavour and aroma attributes
  • standardised to a consistent level of organic acids
  • provides enhanced dough conditioning properties
  • available in certified organic and gluten-free formats


Fargo™ cultures for dairy applications

The Fargo™ range of concentrated, direct-set starter cultures is produced using defined strains of lactic acid bacteria. These strains have been selected for their activity, flavour and texture qualities. The range includes:

  • Fargo 300 and 350 series for buttermilk and sour cream
  • Fargo 400 series for yoghurt and yoghurt drinks
  • Fargo 600 series for probiotics
  • Fargo 700 series for flavour production in cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream and other dairy products
  • Fargo 760 series for natural shelf life extension in cottage cheese

All Fargo products are produced using the latest fermentation technologies in our Rochester, Minnesota plant and are OU kosher certified.


  • process control
  • balanced flavour
  • smooth texture
  • short make times
  • extended shelf life
  • increased body
  • probiotic effect

Saga™ cultures for meat applications

Kerry’s meat starter cultures have been developed over 30 years. These strains were isolated from food-grade, natural sources and only those with the most desirable and consistent activities were selected. They offer the best functionality, reliability and flexibility for the manufacture of fermented and dried meat products.

Kerry has developed a comprehensive set of starter cultures, by combining the acidifying with flavour and colour producing cultures. Each combination enhances specific desirable properties in fermented meat products, helping you to produce the desired characteristics of taste, textures and appearance.


  • consistent performance
  • wide fermentation temperature range
  • high-salt tolerance for selected strains
  • choice of liquid, frozen or freeze-dried powder

Contact our team to discover how our clean-label, fresh keeping solutions can support your product development.

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