Boosting wellness with Wellmune®

Wellmune® is a natural ingredient clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system. It is a natural form of Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan found in the cell wall of baker’s yeast. Consumed orally, Wellmune boosts immune function without over-stimulating the immune system.

The scientific understanding of Wellmune’s mechanism of action in the body is well documented in published, peer-reviewed research.

Nutritional benefits:

  • 100% natural, gluten-free ingredient
  • Clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system
  • Safe for everyday consumption
  • A global and reputable brand with compelling marketing claims
  • Broad regulatory approvals
  • It is kosher, halal, non-allergenic, GMO-free, gluten-free and Informed Sport Certified

Wellmune clinical research summary

  • Reduction of upper respiratory symptoms in a range of patient types
  • Reduction in number of missed days from school or work due to cold/flu
  • Reduction in fever severity due to cold/flu
  • Reduced eye and nasal allergy symptoms

Functional benefits

  • Demonstrated stability success with heat and acidic pH, in foods, beverages & supplements.
  • Long shelf life of 5 years
  • Analytical methods available for testing in foods, beverages & supplements via USP/FCC


Visit the Wellmune website for more information, including clinical research results or contact us to discover how Wellmune can be applied to your products.

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