When you’re ready to expand your taste portfolio, look to
ours, which was built around our four pillars of taste.

Creating authentic taste experiences

Consumers want great-tasting products created from trusted, authentic and wholesome foods and flavours. We’re in a prime position to deliver this.

We understand the fundamental science of taste: flavour, appearance, texture, aroma, mouthfeel, stability and sensorial experiences. We understand consumer desires and needs, and we have the technology and expertise to meet these needs.

We have an unrivalled expertise in beverage, sweet and culinary application and flavour creation.

Kerry stands on four pillars of taste:

  • Pure & simple: For self-accountable consumers, we create great taste products that are safe, trusted and real
  • Authentic & familiar: We cater to consumers who want comfort, nostalgia and familiarity. We provide wholesome taste products from transparent sources
  • Fresh & invigorating: We deliver invigorating, revitalising and refreshing taste for consumers who want a feel good factor
  • Pleasure & indulgence: We provide trending and emerging tastes to inspire consumers who crave indulgent experiences

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