We can help you deliver memorable, craveable and on-trend taste experiences
inspired by flavours from around the world.

Delivering authentic, market-leading flavour products

Kerry’s knowledge of flavours is all encompassing, from development to final application. With our expertise and knowledge, we can help you develop flavours that are authentic and simple and trusted, with clean label alternatives. We understand the effects of processing methods and handling, and we come up with solutions that work. 

We use sensory and analytical science to validate performance and create flavours that taste great and consumers feel good about.

Explore our flavour product range:

At Kerry, we have an authentic dairy heritage dating back over 40 years. Our vertical integration, starting with our own milk pool, in combination with our leading technological developments, has earned us a portfolio of the finest dairy flavours achievable.

Our concentrated, cost-effective flavours can be used in margarine, crackers, bread, cookies, popcorn, meals, snacks, dairy spreads, functional spreads, yoghurt, puddings and desserts, processed cheese, dairy beverages, creams and creamers.

Choose from over 150 cheese flavours, each with the most authentic cheese profiles on the market.

cheddars: mild, medium, aged, Vermont • Emmental • Edam • American • Monterey jack • mozzarella • muenster • Gouda • provolone • Swiss• Oaxaca • manchego • creamy/smoked/grilled • cream cheese • Neufchatel • mascarpone • baker’s cheese • camembert • brie • blue customised

Add a distinctive buttery profile to any culinary creation, baked good or snack, with Kerry’s vast portfolio of butter flavours.

ghee • European • sweet cream • cooked • churned • toasted • cultured • melted • diacetyl free • customised

Milk & cream:
Add luxuriously rich, fatty notes of milk and cream to your products.

culture • fresh • sweet

Mimic the acidity and texture of cultured dairy with help from our superior dairy enzymes and cultures.

yoghurt • Greek yoghurt • sour cream • buttermilk

Dairy free:
Replicate any dairy experience using our expertly crafted dairy alternatives.

non-dairy cheese flavours • non-dairy butter flavours  • non-dairy cream flavoursnon-dairy • cultured flavours • customised

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We work closely with you, as well as inspirational growers, chocolatiers and food scientists to bring you a unique collection of cocoa extracts and chocolate flavours.

We also have new technologies that offer high-performing and bake-stable chocolate flavours. These fat-coated flavours lend the full and rounded taste and aroma of real premium chocolate to the end product.

Our creation team has a broad portfolio of natural ingredients that enable them to develop authentic profiles with different flavours from around the world, including:

  • light milk chocolate notes
  • deep dark robust cocoa flavour
  • white chocolate
  • choco-hazelnut

We understand vanilla, and that's because we are vertically integrated right to the source.

We’re a leading player in vanilla processing, extraction and flavour creation with a heritage dating back to 1865.

We have built our reputation on the back of sourcing vanilla beans from the finest growers in the world, then extracting and creating the much-loved delicate flavour of vanilla. While we are active in over 30 countries, much of our vanilla flavour creation happens in a dedicated Centre of Excellence in Grasse, France. Here, our creation expertise at blending extracts and flavour molecules is honed to perfection.

We offer the broadest and deepest range of vanilla flavours for our customers – in both liquid and powder formats.

We have a diverse portfolio offering a variety of different vanilla profiles for a wide range of end applications and regions. We have origin certified, organic and fair-trade options available.

Our Madagascan vanilla sustainability programme is making a real difference through agricultural best practice advice, empowering local women, crop security measures and ensuring education for farming community children.

Brown flavours are ever popular.

From caramel flavours to more traditional tastes and regional specialities, we have the portfolio, expertise and knowledge of local taste preferences to that will make your product a success.

Many customers depend on Kerry’s experience in developing and introducing brown notes and flavours to make their products the best they can be. They know we have the finest flavourists and chefs in the industry, so they trust us implicitly to provide the best flavours.

At Kerry we are naturally curious and enjoy keeping up to date with new, emerging trends – we can then apply our expertise to create solutions that delight consumers

Our brown range includes:

  • caramel
  • toffee
  • fudge
  • butterscotch
  • maple
  • honey
  • nuts
  • peanut butter
  • biscuit, cookies & pastries notes
  • cereals
  • regional specialties

We have senior flavourists, applications scientists, certified roastmasters, innovation scientists and baristas who speak the common language of coffee.

They pride themselves in taking the very best coffee that nature can offer and perfecting it by applying the very best expertise that Kerry can offer.

Kerry’s coffee flavours are applied in a range of different products, including beverages, bakery, meats, marinades and sauces, confection and ice cream. With all this choice and expertise, Kerry can deliver great coffee flavours with specific origins that you consumers look for. 

Our understanding of aroma, body, release of flavour and roasting is extensive. We have a deep understanding of the process of coffee, enabling us to control the process of roasting to deliver the right aroma and mouthfeel.

Citrus is more than a flavour, it’s an experience.

Refreshing, lively, and trusted, citrus is a fundamental, universally enjoyed flavour category.

Our flavour experts around the globe develop citrus flavours that give you a unique and refreshing taste experience. Using analytical and sensory methods, they ensure consistent quality of the finished product.

Our citrus portfolio includes:
  • orange flavour
  • lemon flavour
  • lime flavour
  • grapefruit
  • blood orange
  • key lime

Regardless of trends that come and go, what will always be front of mind to consumers from a health and wellness standpoint are fruits and vegetables.

Our flavour experts around the globe develop fruit & vegetable flavours that give your product a unique & authentic taste. Using analytical and sensory methods, we ensure consistent quality of the finished product in a variety of applications, from beverage to confectionery.

Companies prepared to offer fresh, minimally processed, clean-label, authentic fruit and vegetable ingredients are poised to delight consumers around the world with products that deliver good taste and meaningful nutrition.

Crystals® capture the essence of foods including fruits and vegetables. They can be used in a range of applications including dairy, soups, sauces and dressings, and baby foods. They are an excellent alternative for liquid concentrates, spray dried concentrates and specialty powders, and they enable you to declare fruit and vegetable content on your labels.  

At Kerry, we always:

  • develop on-trend, consumer-preferred fruit & vegetable flavours
  • ensure consistent taste throughout shelf-life of the product
  • provide authentic, clean label & natural solutions
  • optimise for targeted fruit & vegetable content declarations where possible

Consumers’ expectation for great taste is driving retailers and food processors to look for ways to bring authenticity, freshness and slow-cooked savoury goodness to their recipes.
Based on our expertise on all aspects of taste, from our kitchen to yours, we’ve developed a range of delicious, natural flavours that deliver all the succulence and morish flavour of slow-cooking with ingredients consumers know and trust, including:

  • meat and seafood flavours
  • cooking character flavours
  • vegetables, herbs and spices
  • condiments flavours
  • culinary flavours

Concentrates and reductions
Great reductions, stocks and bouillons capture the flavour and aroma of fresh ingredients, and transform everyday recipes. We have developed a range that delivers all the character of home cooking and the full taste experience:

  • poultry reductions
  • vegetable reductions
  • herb reductions
  • culinary & ethnic pastes
  • meat poultry stocks & bouillons
  • fish & seafood stocks & bouillons
  • vegetable stocks & bouillons

Grill flavours
Our authentic grill flavours take you on a taste adventure and summon memories of warm summer afternoons in the backyard or the beach:

  • grill flavours
  • chargrill flavours
  • roast flavours
  • fried flavours
  • woodfired grill flavours

Yeast Extracts
Our yeast extracts add middle-note complexity, depth and bouillon character to your product.

  • autloyzed yeasts
  • yeast extracts
  • flavoured yeasts
  • high-performance yeasts
  • smoke

Kerry uses a smoke process to create flavours that taste like the real thing. These processes allow for smoke flavour customisation in an ever-expanding portfolio of applications.

  • hickory and mesquite smokes
  • natural brown colour
  • shelf-life extender
  • texture improvement
  • wood smoking replacement

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