Natural Extracts and Distillates

Enhance the taste and nutrition of your food and beverage products with our
clean label natural extracts and distillates.

The best possible taste, naturally

Consumers want natural, nutritious food and beverages – fresh, minimally processed and authentically sourced, with clean labels. But most of all, they want great taste. Kerry’s Simply Nature product portfolio provides exactly that.

Simply Nature is our brand of natural extracts and distillates that was created in response to the consumer need for clean label, transparency and trust. We've developed partnerships with growers and suppliers across the world to source the most authentic ingredients. Our vertical integration ensures access to a traceable and reliable supply. We then use our scientific know-how and expertise to extract the most natural tastes.

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Simply Nature delivers natural taste solutions and includes:

Getting closer to cocoa

Kerry knows cocoa, and that's because we extract our own using farming partners that have been supplying us for generations.

We source different varieties of cocoa, namely Crillo, Forastero and Trinitario, and we have strong relationships with suppliers from Ghana, Cameroon, Brazil and the Ivory Coast. These links ensure that we can gather the best quality cocoa with all kinds of characteristics.

We take enormous pride in being a world leader in cocoa extracts. Through sharing our expertise, product knowledge and technologies, we have become an exceptional commercial partner.  

Our cocoa portfolio includes:

  • extracts
  • distillates
  • infusions
  • tinctures

Our extracts can be used to create great tasting chocolate flavours. They are also suitable for a wide range of applications from beverages to dairy to bakery. Our portfolio includes fair-trade, organic and origin certified options.

Delicate flavour, sustainably sourced

Few crops require as much care and patience as vanilla – both in cultivation and harvest.

We stay true to this, ensuring our vanilla is carefully sourced and handled, using all-natural extraction processes to retail the delicate, light, sweet and natural taste of vanilla that consumers love every day.

We pride ourselves in working alongside nature to create a truly sustainable harvesting process, with an unyielding devotion to treating our vanilla farmers with fairness and respect. Our sustainability programme in Madagascar is making a real difference through agricultural best practice advice, empowering local women, crop security measures and ensuring education for farming community children.

Our historical know-how in vanilla extraction is brought to life by a dedicated team of specialists in Grasse, France, at the heart of the flavour and fragrance industry. They refine and perfect our vanilla portfolio using advanced analytical capabilities, delivering the broadest and deepest range of extracts for customers around the world. 

Our vanilla portfolio includes:

  • extracts
  • infusions

Our traceable vanilla comes with Fairtrade and organic certification and all-natural labeling.

Naturally Zesty

From the citrus grove to the store shelf, Kerry consistently provides the fresh and authentic taste consumers expect. We have a global reputation for excellence in citrus extraction and distillation. This comes from working closely with select fruit juice processors to ensure delivery of high quality raw materials.

Our citrus centre of excellence is located in the heart of the citrus growing region – Lakeland, Florida – with extraction centres also in Grasse, France and Clark, New Jersey, USA. Our creation experts around the globe develop citrus solutions that deliver an authentic taste experience.

We collaborate with key research organisations, universities and citrus growers to understand the effect of external factors influencing the quality of citrus fruits. The results of this research help us develop citrus solutions with consistent taste.

Our citrus portfolio includes:

  • citrus extracts and distillates (lime, lemon, orange, bitter orange, grapefruit, tangerine, mandarin, bergamot)
  • citrus oils
  • 100% FTNF or FTNJ restoration aromas
  • Crystal® powders

Our products are suitable for a wide range of applications from beverages to culinary applications. Our clean label portfolio includes regional specialties and origin certified options.

Fresh-from-nature taste

At Kerry, we have honoured the traditional craft of botanical extraction for over a century to create a broad selection of aromatic single extracts and customized botanical blends.

We work closely with a worldwide network of dedicated growers to ensure quality and supply, which creates a solid base from which we begin extracting and distilling. 

Our products are created in our centres of excellence in Mozzo, Italy and Clark, New Jersey, USA. Containing only carefully selected natural ingredients, our unique extracts are distinctive yet authentic, capturing the maximum flavour from a variety of botanicals.

Our herb and spice portfolio includes:

  • essential oils
  • oleoresins
  • infusions
  • extracts
  • herb infusions

Our all-natural portfolio offers single extracts (eg: elderflower, juniper, guarana, etc) and botanical blends (eg: vermouth, customised blends, etc).

The very best nature
can offer

Meeting consumer demand for authentic and clean label products can be a challenge, but our deep understanding of the challenges our customers face on a daily basis enables us to respond to the difficulties associated with labelling and authenticity.

At Kerry, we have an impressive choice of products available. Our specialised sourcing team ensures a constant supply of the best possible ingredients. Extracts, purees and high quality fruit and vegetable products are key components in creating the products that consumers love. Our diverse fruit and vegetable portfolio of natural ingredients will simplify your process and provide you with the fruit content and labelling requirements that you need.

From restoration aromas to powder fruit juices, we are able to provide authentic, fresh taste with simple ingredients the consumer understands and enjoys.

Our fruit and vegetable portfolio includes: 

  • 100% FTNF or FTNJ Restoration Aromas
  • Crystal® powders
  • RaviFruit Purees
  • extracts

Our fruit and vegetable extracts and distillates can be used across all applications from bakery to beverages, and culinary applications to confections.

Freshly brewed taste

The best coffee extracts start with top quality coffee beans. 

We’ve nurtured longstanding relationships with suppliers around the world, meaning we have a constant, reliable supply of trusted, traceable beans. 

From bean selection to roasting to extraction, Kerry offers premium coffee solutions that meet the needs of a changing world – one that demands high-quality, unique, customised coffee experiences.

We’re passionate about providing great taste through consistency and freshness. Our premium coffee extracts combine rich, full-bodied flavour with a great full mouthfeel.

Our coffee extraction processes have the quality and sustainability claims that consumers are looking for. Our extraction process is environmentally friendly; we ship and store economically; we don’t use freezing or refrigeration; and 100% of our coffee grinds are recycled.

Other benefits of our coffee portfolio:

  • fully traceable
  • preservative free
  • organic and Fair Trade compliant
  • all-natural labelling
  • declarable origin and kosher / halal certifications are also available

Simply Nature Botanicals

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