Delivering exceptional dairy beverages

The dairy beverage market is one of the industry’s fastest growing segments. There is huge demand for innovative, tasty and nutritious dairy beverages around the world. Kerry has exceptional capabilities in beverage that can help you develop products that meet consumer needs and deliver exceptional taste. Talk to us about:

  • our unique know-how in 3-in-1 ‘taste/nutrition/dairy’ solutions
  • our expertise on taste: balance the formula to get efficiency and indulgence
  • our nutritional systems: enhance with functional ingredients
  • finding guidance on various target markets and formats

Find out more about what we deliver in the alternative dairy sector.


Inspiring change

The booming dairy beverage sector creates a world of opportunities for manufacturers. Forward-thinking companies can benefit from meeting the demands of motivated consumers looking for convenient, healthy products.

Kerry’s discovery tools enable us find out what consumers really want to buy and why. 

They give us an ability to span industries, cultures and continents analysing consumer trends and behaviours at a granular level, understanding your consumer’s unmet needs and wants. 

We work alongside you at every level to develop consumer relevant products that will succeed in the marketplace.


35% of consumers are willing to spend more
money on innovative dairy and dairy-based
products, according to our research.

Perfecting flavours

When you develop any dairy beverage, taste should be your top priority. Although the majority of consumers seek dairy beverages because of their nutritional attributes, taste is the number one reason people switch brands. Today, we have the biggest portfolio of dairy flavours and functional ingredients in the industry with an unrivalled selection of:
Many companies struggle in perfecting the flavour and nutrition balance. It's notoriously difficult. The natural flavours of dairy products are inconsistent and are variable by their nature.
Kerry can help you to deliver consistently exceptional taste and mouthfeel. Whatever your challenge or idea, we can get you to the finish line quickly and cost effectively. 
Our technical experts and food scientists will collaborate with your team to understand your needs, your consumers and your manufacturing capabilities. They will identify the ideal method of meeting every challenge.

Enhancing the halo of dairy

Clean labels are one of the first things health-conscious consumers look for. They want to see natural ingredients listed, ones they recognise and associate with a healthy product. If they don't find them, they will pick up the next product on the shelf and look at that instead.

In Asia’s booming dairy beverage market for example, a reported 81% of Chinese consumers read packaging labels, and they are looking for attributes including ‘fresh’, ‘natural’ and ‘minimally processed’.

Consumers’ definition of nutrition has evolved to mean more than having nutrients and nutritional benefits – they want nutrition delivered naturally. We work with you to formulate a dairy beverage with nutritionally functional benefits that consumers want – and we can do this while delivering authentic taste.

Our food scientists and technical experts help you:

  • suppress or reduce off notes and off flavour characteristics from nutritional ingredients
  • apply natural ingredients with functional benefits
  • identify effective origins & labelling
  • map the best ingredient combinations, flavours, textures and functional systems
  • create a natural product that doesn't compromise on taste

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