We fuse art and science to bring customers and consumers the best possible products. Our focus spans from
taste and nutrition to production and cost.

When you partner with us, our taste and nutrition experts draw from global insights to develop products that blend new science and current trends.

Our network of global and regional innovation and development centres bring together the best research, development and applications experts in the industry to help you develop products that taste great and that consumers feel good about consuming. 

No matter what your need, we have the right team of people to address your challenge. Chefs, baristas, brewers, mixologists, nutritionists and dieticians, food scientists and technologists, biochemists, engineers, regulatory affairs, sensorial science experts, flavourists and consumer insight experts are all on hand to help you. Experts in their fields, they are passionate about creating amazing food and inspiring beverages.

How can we support you? 

Whether you are looking to improve your recipe, cost optimise your product or solve a production issue, Kerry has a solution. Perhaps you have identified a new consumer need and want to reformulate your ingredient deck, totally refresh your menu or develop a new innovative product. We have the experts to partner with you to create, develop and bring this new offering to market, at speed.

Understanding your consumer

We lead our customers to meaningful innovation through consumer driven insights. Our team of insight experts are located across the globe with knowledge of many different cultures and their cuisines. This makes us the perfect partner to help you understand the latest trends and emerging consumer needs – whatever your location or market sector.

Product Innovation

With a portfolio of over 25,000 available products we have a solution to meet your every ingredient requirement or production challenge. But if you need a bespoke solution, we like nothing more than a challenge. We have expertise spanning from research and development to sensory and clean label. Our consumer research and ideation process can help accelerate your NPD timelines and improve your speed to market, capitalizing on the latest consumer trends.

Production Process

Translating great concepts into commercially viable products depends on smart production processes. Kerry has a comprehensive range of processing capabilities and can mimic our customers production environments in our pilot plant. Our applications experts are also on hand to ensure that the production process of any new or reformulated products transfers easily to your production facilities, guaranteeing a predictable, repeatable outcome.