Biotechnology Solutions

As you innovate your next product, look to our diverse product portfolio or work with
our experts to craft custom solutions.

Fermenting change

The obstacles to success in the biotechnology business are high. Kerry is the collaborator you need to clear the path.

Six of the world’s top 10 blockbuster biotech drugs, and around a quarter of all biotech drugs on the market, use Kerry’s Sheffield brand components in their media.

We are the only manufacturers of both peptones and yeast extracts. We collaborate with our customers from the initial feasibility studies through to the final testing and implementation stage.

Plus, our global network of laboratories, and regulatory compliance experts enable us to meet Pharma requirements globally.

Kerry’s product portfolio has grown to encompass plant based hydrolysates to chemically defined medium.

This diversity ensures that there is a medium to suit your application, whether your goal is disease treatment, disease prevention, novel fermentation derivatives, or media innovation.  

Our Centre for Cell Culture Technology allows us to learn more about cell nutrition and put that knowledge to work in the service of our customers. The Centre is home to state-of-the-art technology and expertise and is an example of our growing capacity to collaborate with our customers in designing and deploying the cell culture solutions they need.

We have the media optimisation products and know-how to keep you at the forefront of a fast-changing industry and regulatory environment including:

  • serum-free components
  • animal-free components
  • protein-free components
  • chemically defined components
  • streamlined production processes

Our systems approach to product development improves inter-lot variability, ensuring consistency and reproducibility. We get the basics right every time: boosting culture growth, viability and protein production. We can reduce costs by identifying synergies, using fewer raw materials and vendors.

We can tailor solutions to your needs, and expedite development to ensure that you’re breaking new ground first. 

Kerry’s ongoing research puts us at the forefront of the industry, breaking new ground in developing:

  • supplement systems
  • microbial expression systems
  • hydrolysed proteins
  • yeast extracts
  • defined supplements
  • media enhancement systems
  • chemically defined medium

Our bioscience applications cover:

  • protein therapeutics
  • vaccines
  • serum replacers
  • diagnostic bacterial sterility and identification systems

Our portfolio is always expanding to accommodate the latest developments in all these applications, and our teams of researchers are adding to the industry’s knowledge. You can access the latest research and technology through a partnership with Kerry, meaning you can grow as fast as the industry does.